Should We Borrow Money From Our 401K to Buy a Dependable Car? – Mickie

“Dear Paul,

Work car is on its last leg..Husband needs transportation 45 miles to work and 48 back. Need dependable car. Husband wants to go into 401 K to get money for car….wife does not…we are in our late 50s and feel we should not touch it.

Should we borrow money from 401 K to buy a dependable work car ???


Dear Mickie,

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By tapping your 401k to buy a car you are hindering your retirement by purchasing a depreciating asset.

My suggestion is to check into getting a very low interest rate loan [sometimes with 0% from some dealers – just make sure you negotiate the purchase price first] – many times they are available with little to no money down.

If you withdraw from the 401k, not only are you robbing from your retirement, you are creating unnecessary taxes and tax penalties for what is known as a Pre-59 ½ [unless you are older, obviously] withdrawal. Just curious, how is your husband’s trip home from work longer than his trip to work? I wish you the best with this difficult situation.

*The above is purely informational and should not be considered investment advice. Please consult your own financial and tax advisors.

Best regards,

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