I Need Help to Payoff My Macy’s American Express Card Now. – Karen

“Dear Steve,

I only need help to pay off my macys account $3.865.90 there intrest rate is to high even if i make payments each month of 250.00 . i need to transfer the blances some were else its only one store card please help me out. thank you. a very low intrest rate would help.

would like to pay off macys american express card -now


Dear Karen,

Have you contacted a credit counseling group for assistance with that yet?

If so, what did they say they could do to help you lower the interest rate?

Have you looked at a debt consolidation loan yet to see if that might be available? You can click here for debt consolidation loan information.

Did you contact customer service on the card and ask what options they had available for you to lower the interest rate?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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1 thought on “I Need Help to Payoff My Macy’s American Express Card Now. – Karen”

  1. No one mentions the fact that these credit card companies set up offices in places like South Dakota and Delaware where there’s no cap on credit card interest rates, and this loophole allows them to deal with the rest of the nation and to legally rip off the public. The logic is if you don’t agree with their interest rates don’t use their card. Change the law and have the credit card companies abide by the rules of the State where the customer resides, rather than to the rules where companies set up corporations.


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