Awesome Personal Finance Stories of the Week

Here is this weeks accumulation of stories from other personal finance writers on the web.

About Debt

@DamonDay wrote about how asking various debt relief sales people about debt settlement pros and cons will certainly get you a wide range of responses with no two exactly alike. Read Debt Resolution: Honest Advice about Credit Card Debt Settlement, Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy

@JasonPrice wrote about how to get started in the Great Recovery by creating a budget and working towards getting out of debt. Read How to Participate in The Great Recovery and Bring About the Movement!

@NewEraDebt wrote about if debt settlement is a good idea. Depending on your situation, it can be a great idea or a horrible idea. Either way it should be explored. Read Is Debt Settlement A Good Idea

@DeliverAwayDebt wrote about how no one likes discussing bankruptcy in any of its various forms, but knowing and understanding bankruptcy options can help you make the best financial decision for your current situation. See Different Types of Bankruptcy

@DamonDay wrote a quick and easy guide to finding the Best Credit Counseling Programs. Read Best Credit Counseling Programs – 7 Must Ask Questions

Personal Finance Lessons

@BigCajunMan wrote a clever article about what we can learn from Frank Costello of the movie The Departed. See Financial Lessons from the Departed

Saving Money

@EugeneYu wrote a really nice article on how to trim expenses without much pain. See 9 Simple Ways to Cut Those Expenses!

@MattJabs wrote some super advice about how if you have never been able to save money and are finally ready to create change read this article and follow the 5 simple steps on how to save money. See How To Save Money

@FinancialTales wrote a tale that examines the relationship between the inflation rate and the distribution rate. It is not meant to give you a complete understanding about what other factors should be taken into consideration when planning for the “Distribution” or “In-Retirement” phase of your life. It is just intended on teaching the relationship between these two factors. See A Distributive Tale

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Making Money

@ThePennyHoarder had an interesting story about how to make money buying video games. The story requires a teenager, which I don’t have laying around, damn. Read Make Money Buying Video Games

@FrugalLife pointed out how recycling cans has turned into quite a second job for some. See Recycling For Cash – Saving the Environment and Saving Your Pennies


@TaxDebtHelpCom wrote an interesting article about how Former-NBA player Latrell Sprewell has secured the number one spot on a list of Wisconsin’s top 100 delinquent taxpayers. See Latrell Sprewell the No. 1 Delinquent Taxpayer in Wisconsin


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  1. With regards to Latrell Sprewell’s taxes. Thank you for the interesting post. The State Wisconsin Department of Revenue allows payment plan options, which would be a great idea for Latrell.


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