Hooking Up to Get Out of Debt. Sex for College Tuition.

If you were deep in debt, owed a bunch of money for school in college loans and had a smoking hot body, would you be willing to trade a little companionship and ah, sex, to pay off your debt faster?

Well that’s exactly what some “sugar babies” are doing. The website Seeking Arrangement.com helps to make connections between what they describe as attractive, ambitious & young college students, aspiring actresses or someone just starting out with a mentor and take care of you — perhaps to help you financially.

There is no shortage of historical stories of women paying off debt with unusual means. Take the women that worked her way through law school as a stripper or the doctor that made it through medical school as an escort.

But this website seeks to unabashedly help rich and successful, single or married guys to find a sugar baby to “mentor.”

One former sugar baby described the experience like this, “How do you make it work? I simply think of my sugar daddy’s as clients. Much like the clients of my regular business. I get to know them, I find things about them I like and enjoy. I care about them and show interest in their lives. I’m always glad to see them, and when the job ends I try to remain friends with them. Is that so hard?” – Source

Huffington Post recently ran an article about this phenomena and described someone that might be in the debt relief whorld.

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“It’s a very expensive job,” says Jack, a 70-year-old sugar daddy, who describes himself as a “humanitarian” interested in helping young women in financial need. Jack isn’t the name that appears on his American Express black card, but an identity he uses when shopping online for companionship and sex.

Jack says he meets up twice a week with a young woman from Seeking Arrangement. He typically forks over about $500 a night — and that’s not including lavish dinners at Daniel or shopping excursions on Madison Avenue.

“Unlike a traditional escort service, I was surprised to find such an educated, smart population,” says Jack, during cocktail hour recently at the Ritz-Carlton in Manhattan. He said he lives next door in a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park South and pays $22,000 a month in rent.

In his profile on Seeking Arrangement, Jack describes himself as a 67-year-old with a bachelor’s degree. Prior to retiring, the divorced Charleston, S.C., native says he founded four financial services companies. But after taking a big hit in the financial crisis and being forced to downsize, Jack says he had to part ways with his private jet due to what he describes as “reduced circumstances.” On the site, he lists his annual income as $1 million and his net worth as something between $50 and $100 million.

While sugar babies can create profiles on Seeking Arrangement free of charge and a regular sugar daddy membership costs $50 each month, Jack pays $2,400 a year to belong to the Diamond Club. For a sugar daddy willing to pay up, the site says it verifies his identity, annual income, and net worth and then ensures his profile gets the most traction by continually allowing it to pop up in the top tier of search results.

Educated, debt-ridden 20-somethings happen to be an age demographic that intersects nicely with Jack’s preferences. “I only go out with girls 25 and under,” says Jack, whose thick head of white hair and bushy eyebrows form a halo around a red, flushed face. “But I can’t walk into a bar and go up to a 25-year-old. They’d think I’m a pervert. So, this is how I go about meeting them.”

As he continues, he repeatedly glances over his shoulder to make sure no one is listening.

“Most of these young women have debt from school,” says Jack, who finds most young women also carry an average of $8,000 in credit-card debt. “I guess I like the college girls more because I think of their student debt as good debt. At least it seems like I’m helping them out, like I’m helping them to get a better life.”- Source

This outward open concept is nothing new. There are even books published on the subject, like the one to the left.

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One reader said, “To be honest I have always struggled with the moral aspect of the sugar lifestyle, because I am conservative in upbringing, and am strongly opposed to gold digging! But being a sugar baby isn’t about being a gold digger! As a student, I wanted a boyfriend who will shower me with gifts, treat me like a princess, and of course take the financial stresses out of my life. And what’s wrong with that? ”

The proposition certainly raises a waterfall of issues that create an internal conflict.

And people are all freaked out about the perceived stigma of bankruptcy. How about sleeping with some older guy to get your bills paid.

Is it right? Is it wrong? Quite frankly I don’t know what the intellectual answer is. An argument could be made that sleeping with someone you might not really fancy after an incredible date or luxurious gift isn’t far off the mark from being a sugar baby to get your bills paid and your college loans covered.

What do you think? Comment below.

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