I Need Help With Plan A From Your Book Eliminate Your Debt Like a Pro. – Jason

“Dear Steve,

I have lost my job and we have made some mistakes in the past by living on credit. We have taken bankruptcy twice and still can not get it right. We have got rid all of our credit cards but one.

I am reading your book and working through it. It states I need to ask you to assist me with plan A.


Dear Jason,

So you are reading my free book, “Eliminate Your Debt Like a Pro.”

Chapter 5 is all about developing your Plan A as I called it. It’s the basic process of identifying your income and obligations so we can figure out what is going to work and not work for you.

There are two issues we need to address here; situation and underlying issue.

The most important of these two is actually not the current situation, it is what were the underlying issues that led you here.

Since you’ve demonstrated a pattern of sliding into financial crisis, what can we learn from the past and current situation that will help you to avoid the same issues moving forward? Think of this like the hole in a boat. Until we plug the hole, all the bailing in the world isn’t going to be effective.

Since you are anonymous to readers, I encourage you to take this opportunity for a little internal autopsy and come up with your best and open assessment of what happens to your financial situation that leads you into a debt blind alley.

Are you spending beyond your means, spending to please others, spending to keep up, spending to avoid an otherwise unpleasant situation, etc? Maybe you just have bad luck? What is it that’s driving this bus?

Post your answer for me in the comments below and let’s take this to the next step and get you headed off on a better journey with your money.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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