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“Dear Steve,

Eleven years ago my husband became disabled. He was 55. I was 45. We had just purchased our first home. He had to go on SS Disability. Income cut 50%. Four children.

I have kept things going myself until the recession cut my commissions to the point where I realized I was living off credit. Two months ago, I enrolled with Consumer Credit Counseling. I was so relieved although I realized it would be rough getting used to the changes. I am determined to see this through and in 52 months all my bills except for the mortgage will be paid off.

Well, all my creditors have accepted the proposals except for one. They have talked to my counselor twice and she has assured me that it is all straightened out with them. They will accept the plan. And just when I feel better they call me again and act like I am some kind of liar. Like they don’t know anything about CCCS.

I have talked to one of their supervisors who had assured me that everything was accepted. Then they called again telling me I had to cancel insurance I never even knew I had on the account. Which I did. The counselor talked to them. Then they called back. Then I told them to call the counselor again. Then she called me. Said everything was fine. Then I got a letter saying it was not settled. Then they called again.

Well, I lost it the last time and called the man an idiot. Well, I will call the counselor one more time tomorrow morning. I don’t know where but I will have to find the additional money they want each month. I cant work a second job because I am a caregiver for my husband.

I also have my 11 year old grandaughter living with us and she needs help with school work at night. I don’t want to file bankruptcy just because of one creditor. They rest all understand. My husband is a heart patient with COPD. He spends all but a few hours a day on oxygen sitting in a recliner.

I felt like such a failure when I came to terms with our situa tion a few months ago. I spent 3 1/2 years on antidepressants until I finally saw they were just lulling me into a false sense of security just like my employer of 21 years.

His business is slowly failing but he doesn’t want to lose his best employees. So, he keeps telling us how we will be seeing all these new accounts and they never show up.

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Well, I read your book and it gave me an answer. You said you have to have a Plan B. They only thing I can think of doing is to just increase my payment to satisfy that last creditor. I don’t know where I will get the money to do it with since the living expenses are so little. I dread the day my old car finally gives up.

Luckily, my son in law is a great mechanic and so far he has been able to keep it running. It is 12 years old with a cracked windshield and a broken air conditioner compressor but I haven’t died of a heat stroke yet. I live in Georgia by the way.

And, I have been able to keep my husband out of the hospi tal for two years straight now. He was admitted at least once a year for about 6 or 7 years before that.

I am trying to be positive. Now, if I could only get rid of the excema on both of my hands and arms. I cant afford to see the doctor again myself or the dentist. NO money. Well, just thought I would let you know I appreciated your bbook very much and thank you. I will be one of those people who makes it through their credit nightmare. I will. I want my life back one day.

Do you think by offering the extra amount is the best thing to do if my counselor can’t persuade the creditor to accept the proposal?


Dear Carole,

Thank you so much for both reaching out to me for help and reading my free books that people can download.

I’m struck by one thing that jumped out at me. You said “I don’t want to file bankruptcy just because of one creditor.”

The reality is that any consideration of bankruptcy is not based on just this one creditor. That’s a bit like blaming the last stone put into the bucket for breaking the sides out. It’s not the last creditor that’s a problem, it’s the totality of the debt that creates the issue.

I know you want to avoid bankruptcy, or at least that’s what I hear when I read your question. But that doesn’t mean it’s not the right choice for you.

I’m very concerned that you are living so close to the financial edge that just one required expense would push you into bankruptcy involuntarily. And to make the credit counseling solution work you’d need to keep it up month after month for the next 60 months.

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You already have some significant risk factors that could explode in the next five years and send you over the edge. Besides the medical and car situation, I would not be at all surprised if your skin issues were not exacerbated by the stress you are living under with this situation.

Besides, you have an 11 year old precious grandaughter living with you that deserves to live in a safer financial environment. If you don’t want to pursue bankruptcy for yourself, do it for her.

You owe it to yourself to click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney. If you discover that bankruptcy is right for you, the elimination of your debt would allow you to live within your income and save money each month.

That is certainly a better guarantee towards living a safer financial future moving forward than limping month to month with nothing left over.

Set yourself up for success, not failure. Please.

Meet with the attorney and then come back and post an update in the comments below.


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