Is Leading Debt Arbitrators in Canada a Poser?

A loyal tipster (send in your tips here) sent in an email asking my why a Canadian debt settlement company that charges consumers a “Service Fee” of an amount equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the balance upon enrollment, is claiming that their client deposits are FDIC insurred.

Excellent Question!

What they say on their site is “Q: Who pays the creditors? A: You pay your creditors. Once a settlement agreement has been reach our debt negotiator will contact you for your approval on the settlement. Upon your approval the settlement amount will be paid to the creditor from your own personal FDIC insured savings account.Source

So I did a check of their listed offices: – Source

British Columbia Office:
Leading Debt Arbitrators
601 West Broadway, Suite 400
Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 4C2
It’s a Virtual Office

Ontario Office:
Leading Debt Arbitrators
5700 Yonge Street, Suite 200
Toronto, ON M2M 4K2
Another Virtual OfficeSource

U.S Enrolment Centre:
Leading Debt Arbitrators
600 City Parkway West, Suite 165
Orange, CA 92868

Well the truth appears to be that Leading Debt Arbitrators is really U.S. based Debtcare Center. Even the websites are similar. is registered to Sky M. Hoang, 18120 Brookhurst St, Suite 9, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. It was registered in December of 2008. was registered in March of 2011 and uses the same email address as that used by Sky M. Hoang, [email protected]

It’s a safe bet that the U.S. operation came first and then reached into Canada.

This confirms Sky Hoang is the person behind Leading Debt Arbitrators.

Apparently Sky Hoang is also the owner of Geepath Financial Management Group.

So What’s the Big Deal?

The big deal is that is you are going to trust someone with access to your financial information and trust them with your financial life, you should at least expect them to make it very apparent who they are.

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Leading Debt Arbitrators gets a failing grade for pretending they are a Canadian company, when they clearly appear not to be. If I was to be cynical, I’d think this was just an American debt settlement company that is trying to expand into Canada to charge consumers fees in advance of settling their debt, a practice that has now been outlawed in the U.S.


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6 thoughts on “Is Leading Debt Arbitrators in Canada a Poser?”

  1. you are damn right Leading Debt Arbitrators are a scam and have robbed me  of almost $2000.00.   When I became aware of this after a year of them not doing a thing for  me, I sent emails, letters, phone calls and registered letters, all of which have been unanswered and returned, bounced back etc.   I am going to have to absorb the loss and  learn from this lesson.  BUT  I cannot trust anyone anymore..

  2. First of all you all got “screwed by them” what you all need to do is get all your documents and contact the Feds or RCMP or your local police departement make sure you demand action and keep calling them

  3. Total scam, lied to me to get me to sign up and then refused to pay back 100s of dollars they had withdrawn from my account when they began to tell me I had to do things I explicitly said from the very first call I was not willing to do.

    • Sir you need to contact the local police and show them your all your documents including withdrawn money (do not take no for a answer) if they don’t want to contact the FBI (this is the last resort) but they have agents that take care of companies that do scams like this

  4. Yes they are scammers that will take your money and not do anything. I use to work for them and I know they lie about everything to get you to sign up. This includes the entire operation, from sales to customer care and quality control. Some Canadian banks aren’t even negotiating with them and again..they lie to clients that they do. I quit because they don’t treat their employees well ..actually half their employees either quit or got fired due to reasons above and beyond. Stay away from this shady company based in California and find a REAL Canadian debt settlement firm.

    • If you worked for them (it shows what type of person you are) you scammed lots of people what I suggest anyone that got scammed in Canada to have all your documents including money taken by this so “called company” and contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at 514-939-8300 and ask to speak with Internet Crime Unit (they will get you to the right department) for this.
      I am not going to shed some light on this company and see what logo’s they have that they are part of and let them loose all of it …..


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