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Leading Debt Arbitrators Pissed Off At Canadian Credit Counseling Society

A tipster (send in your tips here) just alerted me that a company I had recently written about in Is Leading Debt Arbitrators in Canada a Poser? is apparently taking a run at another of their critics, the Credit Counseling Society at

And while they took an ill fated swipe at the Credit Counseling Society they have only harmed themselves in the action.

The Credit Counseling Society made the following allegations: – Source

1. Leading Debt Arbitrators Inc. is Not Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. – That’s true.

2. Leading Debt Arbitrators Inc is a California based debt settlement company that is now advertising its services in Canada. – That’s true.

3. Leading Debt Arbitrators claims to have two Canadian offices. However, neither of them are real. Both of them are mail boxes rented from a “virtual office” rental company. – That’s true as I exposed in my article.

4. Leading Debt Arbitrators’ Business Practices are Illegal in the U.S. – That’s true. Advanced fee debt settlement as practiced by Leading Debt Arbitrators is illegal in the United States.

5. Leading Debt Arbitrators Fees are Outrageous. – The fees are said to occupy 90% of the clients payment during the first 12 months in the program. That is outrageous.

Leading Debt Arbitrators Scam Response

In response to the article by the Credit Counseling Society in Canada, leading Debt Arbitrators put up in which they wanted to respond with outrage to the allegations made. – Source

Their response is entirely off topic, does not address the allegations made, and really only hurts them more than anything else. If the allegations were not true and verifiable then why would the CEO Ann Higgins take the time to fein outrage but not respond to them?

Higgins tries to make the claim that the virtual offices in Vancouver and Toronto are there for the convince of their clients. “Some of our offices are purposefully located to provide convenience and accessibility to clients who prefer dropping off their documents at a local office.” Seriously? You feel it is the best interest of the consumer to drop their payments or sensitive documents off at a virtual office that is not staffed by Leading Debt Arbitrators? I call that reckless and a security breach. Besides, how is parking the car and going up to the fourth floor, convienent?

They then try to besmirch the Credit Counseling Society by saying, “Leading Debt Arbitrators Holds Highest Industry Standards” with their IAPDA counselor certification. That’s not the highest industry standard. ISO 9001 is a much higher standard. The IAPDA certification is a home study course.

Responses leveled by Leading Debt Arbitrators against their critics which never addresses the core issues just makes us observers feel there is really fire with that smoke.

I’ll keep my eye on them. You should too.


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  • Phil Thomas

    No one wants to be purposely bankrupt in Canada. That’s just stupid.

  • Motormechani

    i had the same problem as NOME . EVERYTHING WAS GOING  good then all of a sudden i have no more contact with them [LDA] emails go un answerd  phOne calls not answered
    BE AWARE of theses crooks and also  DEPT FREE SOLUTIONS  they have false addresses in vancouver and toronto . i googled the adresses and one came back as a greek resturaunt and the othe one was the toronto domion bank in toronto

  • Nome

    I enrolled with LDA August of 2011, I have heard from some of my listed creditors that they were never contacted by anyone representing Leading Debt Arbitrator. I have been calling all week asking for some proof of service rendered, my phone calls go unanswered and my emails go unanswered.
    After giving them 3737.00 dollars I am in a worst financial mess than I was when I was on my own.
    Very expensive lesson learned for me…

    • James

      You need to contact the RCMP if you are located in Canada and there phone number is 514-939-8300 ask to speak with Internet Crime Unit (have all your documents ready and willing to provide to them) remember the more people that report them the faster they will leave Canada!!!

    • James

      If you live in Canada you may contact (514) 939-8300 (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) have all your documents ready and call the number listed above and ask for Internet Crime Division if that is not the right one (they will forward you to the right departement…

  • John

    Leading Debt Arbitrators paints a pretty picture that affects you in zero negative ways whatsoever until your 3-day refund runs out and on the 4th day they tell you that the picture is actually ugly and require you to miss payments, further destroying the same credit rating you’re trying to protect.

    Then they refuse to refund your money when you want it back for services not rendered and false statements at the time of signing.  Don’t bother – take the extra $66+ per month they are taking from you with your payments and pay it to your creditors.

    I was also informed by my bank that credit arbitrators are not able to do anything with your banks/creditors that you cannot and they are almost all scams.  My bank was pretty good with me and helping me to get my “stolen” money back, even though the bank is the one that forced me into a worse position with higher fees and interest rates.  Love/Hate. ;)

  • Steve

    Steve,   Thank you very much for the article of Leading Debt Arbritators I cannot believe how Canada let them come into our country.

       I have forwarded your article to the RCMP in Ottawa and they have put the highest priority to find out who got them approved to work in Canada.

  • Marv

    1. I am on the Telemarketing no call list for Canada and getting pissed off it has no teeth in the US. This morning….Get a Call.. call display says its Mildred ******* in Hythe AB,Immediately I get a telemarketing phone message. I press 1 to talk to an operator.. I ask where she is located.. she says Florida. I ask her to not call back as I am on the no telemarketing list.2 hrs later.. I get another call from 949-542-4338 I let them leave a message. Call display says its in California. but the lady (Carla) is calling from Leading Debt Arbitrators Inc and would I call her back right away at 866-852-1863 Local 308. Note NO reverse lookup possible for this last 866 number.. the two numbers on the call display are obviously spoofed numbers. specially from Hythe Alberta and the saleslady is caught off guard and tells me Florida.If I am not mistaken is not phone spoofing illegal in the US and Canada.How do we stop US telemarketing in Canada. I get no telemarketing calls from Canada since the no call list. pissed offMarv

    • Guest

      Sorry – you live in Canada.  You got bigger problems than some dopey telemarketer.  Your country still pays homage and alligence to the outdated and archaic queen of england – I mean, c’mon, Canada, cut your ties with the fucking queen of england and all that fucking royalty bullshit.  And you wonder why Canada is America’s fucking bitch.

      • pwebb94

        Are you serious Canada is American’s bitch?  No one even likes American have you seen the polls everywhere at any given time your piss ASS country is always on the bottom of the list.  I guess because of losers like you.  

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