Pacific Debt Rescues Consumer – Thank You

Recently there was a reader on the site that had essentially been abandoned by his debt settlement company and could not get any answers or help on his last debt.

I turned to Kevin Landie of Pacific Debt and asked him if he would help the consumer for a reduced cost or free if he could as part of my “Angel Network” to help consumers that have been, ah, screwed by a debt settlement company.

Without hesitation he jumped at the chance.

I’m very happy to report the following results by Pacific Debt for this reader.

“It wasn’t easy but we finally got this client’s account settled. The consumer had one large account with [redacted] Law Offices which is notorious in our industry for being difficult to deal with and not budging on settlements.

In the end, we got his balance of $22793.57 reduced to $12500, payable over 90 days. The account was already legal (he was sued in March) and [loser debt settlement company] had previously only provided him with the option for a payment plan ($5k down and $250 per month towards balance in full repayment). [loser debt settlement company] never bothered to tell him that he had been sued and default judgment was about to be entered.

In addition to settling the debt we helped the client obtain a $1000 refund from [loser debt settlement company] which he is using in part to fund the settlement.”

Landie said, “Pacific Debt has always been committed to customer satisfaction and making sure the expectations of the consumer are met or exceeded. We are also committed to cleaning up the industry and anything we can do to shine a positive light on the debt settlement world is worth doing.”

When asked why he would help this person for little cost at my request, Kevin offered, “When a consumer has paid a fee for a service and received no results, this leaves a black eye on the industry as a whole.

In this instance, the client offered to pay a “fair” fee if it was contingent on results. Given that the account was in legal status, and PDI found the necessity to get our own counsel involved, we agreed on a fee equal to 10% of the savings. The consumer very happy to pay this and we allowed him to pay this fee over 10 installments to begin after his settlement was completed and paid in full.”

I’m really proud of Pacific Debt for rising to the challenge without question and assisting this reader without hesitation.

Thank you Kevin and Pacific Debt for helping this consumer.


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  1. Very impressive Pacific Debt.  I have heard this company is on top of their game and always put the clients first.  Kudos!


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