Liberty Settlement Group is Taking Money From My Mother. – Kathy

“Dear Damon,

My mother has been paying Liberty Settlement Group for almost 3 yrs. She is 72 and recently admitted to hospital- went to check her mail and phone messages. In the mail she received a letter stating that “once you have completed the initial fee payment period of your program and your entire monthly draft is allocated to your program savings, a monthly maintenance fee of $52.50 will be assessed to maintain your debt settlement”, this is from Debt Talk Liberty Settlement Group of Newport Beach, CA.

She is now receiving phone messages wanting her to settle a debt- one she had given to Liberty Settlement. I became suspiciuos , and it seems rightly so.

Can you help? She has paid $207.14 for 34 months, she thinks her bills will all be paid in full with a last payment in October 2011. I found what paperwork I could, was going to check it on computer, but found at the “summary of account”- Company will provide Client with online access to view their account activity on a daily basis. Company will provide Client with a user name and password after the enrollment period is complete. She does not have, nor know how to use a computer. Please let me know if you can help? Thanks!


Dear Kathy,

Yes, I will send you a private email. I would like to see the contract that your mother signed and any contact information you have from the company.

I will contact the company and see what I can find out for you.

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  1. i also have been completely ripped off from liberty. it now appears that they have just vanished off the map. i paid them about $6,000 over the course of 3 years (maybe a bit more actually) to settle 3 debts for me, they settled one, and then disappeared. i have contracts and emails of correspondence, but they took my money and ran so what can i do now? their email address is gone and their numbers don’t work anymore. is there some kind of class action suit that can be filed? 


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