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I’m Still Struggling Even in My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. – Robbie

“Dear Lewis,

i filed bankruptcy in 2008. payments to the trustee is taking out of my paycheck.i make the mortgage payments. when i filed, i place 3 payments in the bankruptcy. i got here due to many credit cards, lost hours at work. i’m the only one working. my wife can’t work, not a citizen.

my problem is that i’m behind on my mortgage payments, i can’t get any help with refinance. the company holding the loan would take a lower sum to pay the mortgage off, but there was no one interested. i don’t want to lose my house, but i keep falling behind due to other problems (car maintance mostly). i can’t get rid of the car because it is part of the bankruptcy


Dear Robbie,

I am not sure that there is anything the bankruptcy can do to lower your mortgage payment, or to get a refinance.

Your best shot would be to possible amend your chapter 13 plan payment based on a change in income and/or expenses. This means that maybe you would be able to lower your monthly payment to the trustee which might help you be able to get current on the mortgage.

Good luck!

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