Consumer Benefits Division – Consumer Complaint 8-23-2011

Date This Problem Happened: August 22, 2011

State You Live in: California

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Consumer Benefits Division

Company Address:

Wilmington, Delaware 19803
United States

Website of Company: cbdivision.com

Consumer Statement:

“I received a mailer from the same company mentioned above – Consumer Benefits Division.

Not sure if the scam has been played yet. But a couple of folks I spoke with couldn’t state what they were a “Division” of!

These folks already had my credit card info. I may have messed up by giving them my SSN. Didn’t give them anything else.

Talked a second time w/ “Gabriel”, the one handling my case; he stated that the company would be able to “waive” the upfront payment of $800 by debiting several of the credit cards, you know, the ones I’m trying to pay down.

When I spoke w/ Gabriel this morning, I asked for mailing information; he sort of danced around the request, asking what I would want to contact CBD for by mail. I went on to state that I was concerned about debiting my credit cards and about them having my SSN while I had nothing from CBD. He then went into a lengthy, well-rehearsed defense of the company.

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I ended the conversation by stating that I needed time to think about it and that I would be in touch. He was agreeable w/ that. I did a web search about 1 1/2 weeks ago and found the webpage. I didn’t save it; but this morning when I tried to search it again, it didn’t show up at all. So, another questionable piece to this puzzle! With luck, I might have dodged the radar on this one! I’ll watch my credit cards and my other credit info closely for awhile. Thanks for having this web page for the consumer!”


The company address given to the consumer may be related to this virtual office located at the same address. – Source

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