Steve Rhode is a Scary Guy – Joe

“Dear Steve,

Steve Rhode is a scary guy…he portrays himself an a completely neutral objective observer, and on top of that look at all of the free information he just gives away. Steve Rhode is no different than any other debt settlement scammer that he so aggressively attacks on his website. Steve Rhode is a two bit con man that got run out of California and has found a better way to scam money out of people… he recommends only true and pure debt assistance like Damon Day…Hey Steve what kick are you getting off of every so called legitimate debt help firm that you refer on your nonsense website? Steve why don’t you share on the main page of your website the specifics of your difficulties with California…and Steve just the facts none of your embellished nonsense. Steve people in glass houses babe!

“I notice that Steve is linked to an organization called Myvesta, which claims to be a non-profit. So, I Google “Myvesta Steve Rhode”. And there it is…exactly what I expected to find, since nearly every so-called “guru” is not really that and usually has a shady past.

As it turns out, Myvesta, which used to be known as Debt Counselors of America, has a cease and desist order from the state of California, which is known for aggressively pursuing fraudulent activities by companies such as this. Turns out our “guru” is out peddling debt advice and California has shut him down for not complying with California law. And, our so-called “non-profit” is apparently selling a $200 per month “debt payment” plan. What a complete and total fraud!

Thank heavens for Google!

So, yet a little further in to these search results, I learn that Steve and his co-founder were forced to resign from the company in late 2003. Ah, but this gets better. Steve resigned and appointed his wife as the President…so, Steve commits fraud, the state of California pursues him, and then he appoints his wife to run his company. Yeah, things have really “changed” at Myvesta, the non-profit charing a $495 enrollment fee and a $200 per month “maintenance” fee.

Needless to say, after figuring all of this out, I decided to keep looking for a reputable site, so if you find one, let me know. I hope this helps expose Steve Rhode, Myvesta and for the complete and total fraud that it is!”


Dear Joe,


Actually what you sent in is just a copy of a report someone filed online. I answered all of the grossly incorrect points long ago and here is a link to those answers.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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