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Can Precision Law Center Really Stop My Foreclosure? – Jeremy

“Dear Lewis,

Residence $1.3MM mortgage MERS/AHMSI for Deutche Bank signed up with Precision Law Center to stop foreclosure and had to file Ch13 instead. 2 rentals all little equity or neg-equity, not in foreclosure, but stopped paying to seek mods. Over limits for ch13, did pro se filing to buy time. Need to convert to 11 or 7 this month or be dismissed. Can’t afford lawyer, little or no income last 6months. Ch11 is expensive ($15K retainer), judge warned me about pro se being difficult to get through.

Ch 7 seems best solution to wipe out $600K unsecured debts. But I really dont want to lose any of the houses as together they are on a prime 1acre lot.

I would love to find a legitimate mass joinder of the Precision Law Center ilk, just a real one, with honest case. In leui of that, I am wondering if I am better off letting the ch13 dismiss, then letting the foreclosure get a new sale date about 30days out, pay up the other houses, then file a new ch7 the day of sale to get a new stay of aprox 30 more days, then a new 30 days until next sale date.

Why? It would secure the other houses, but my concern is they might not remain in my possession through the ch7. So I need some help thinking thru this.

Does an honest Mass Joinder exist of the Precision Law Center type?

If my rental houses are paid up outside of a ch7, and they are not primary residences, will the bank take them back if I file a ch7 or leave them with me?


Dear Jeremy,

You are trying to save houses with mortgages totaling well over $1 million. You need to find a way to hire an attorney.

Most attorneys do not file chapter 11s, and you saw the size of the average retainer. So I would never suggest anyone file a chapter 11 pro se.

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Chapter 7 does not help you. It can only delay the foreclosure for 30 days, as you stated. And you also don’t want to be labeled a repeat filer – which could cause you to be barred from filing any further bankruptcy cases.

As to chapter 7, if the investment properties are liened for more than they are worth, and generate no income beyond the mortgage payments, then there is nothing the chapter 7 trustee would want to take.

I suggest this to everyone, but especially for you: please see a bankruptcy attorney immediately, and find a way to pay him or her. There is no substitute for proper representation – especially with a case as complicated as yours.

My name is Lewis Roberts and I’m an attorney licensed in Florida and Georgia. My practice focus is consumer bankruptcy, real estate issues/closings, and mortgages. I also have Florida real estate broker and mortgage broker licenses. I am a proud member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), National Association of Consumer Attorneys (NACA), and a graduate of Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp. I enjoy helping people with decisions that impact their financial well-being.

Legal Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. It is not to be relied upon as legal advice. It also does not create an attorney-client relationship. No such relationship is formed with attorney without a written agreement.

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  • PLEASE READ!  I am seeking legal action against Precision Law Center and
    their contracted law firm Assurity law group for fraudulent
    representation. Please contact me if you have also been scammed by these
    groups so that you can also get your money back. We paid Assurity AKA
    PLC a large amount of money to join the “litigation” against Chase and
    Bank of America. They assured us a modification and restoration of
    credit. This was back in July. They have not answered our phone calls
    since and they have not filed any of the paperwork they were contracted
    to and our homes (2 homes) are now in foreclosure!  They even went as
    far as sending us documentation that made it appear they were pursuing a
    litigation and filed a lis pendens, but when my attorney looked into
    it, they actually didn’t file anything….these were fake documents
    meant to appear that they were fulfilling their contractual agreement.
    They also fraudulently filed a cease and desist to our bank so that we
    weren’t getting any communication from our bank and assured us that
    their retainer fee included the account management of ongoing
    communications with our bank as our legal counsel. They have not had any
    communication with our bank. I have called these people every day since
    July and have got no response. Brian Lakhany, Mike Eeg, and numerous
    others who are the said responsible parties at both law firms have
    denied agreeing to settle this so action needs to be taken. I am even in
    contact with John Palmer who is the said legal counsel for PLC and he
    has gone on record to say that he has not had any affiliation with PLC
    since early last year when he was contracted to help them draft the
    initial litigation case. This means that PLC has no legal counsel that
    is registered with the California State Bar. An investigator from the
    state bar is also working with us on this case and his name is Thomas

    If you have had a similar experience, please know that
    there is recovery available and justice will be served to us that have
    been misrepresented by these groups. 

    Please email me at [email protected]

  • Thanks, yeah I get that I need an experienced lawyer, but they don’t work cheap. 

    So, are there any legitimate lawsuits or firms that have real cases of this nature; i.e. mass joinders against mortgage companies over MERS issues? 

    • Jeremy,

      I don’t look favorably on these mass joinder suits.  You will end up down a bad road of being close to foreclosure and then paying even more for a BK lawyer when it becomes an emergency.

      I am sorry, but cheap lawyer is not what you need.  Not with the amount of mortgages and properties you are talking about.

      You need to pay for good representation.  If you throw away $5000+ on mass joinder, that is a good starting point for a good chapter 11 attorney.

      If you are looking to hit a home run on the mass joinder suit, then sit back and wait.  But it will likely turn into a strike out of losing your home(s) – without enough time or money to properly save them in BK.

  • Jeremy,

    I think this quote from one of the mass joinder lawyers should open your eyes to the mass joinder effort to save your properties.

    “Let me be very clear: joinder cases are not about emergency relief. They won’t stop a foreclosure, or get a house back. Except as the result of a settlement (which are few and far between), they won’t result in a loan modification. Joinder cases are a longer term potential remedy intended to seek financial damages and restitution for wrongs allegedly committed by the banks and other defendants.” – Source


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