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The following information appears only because this entity has hit my radar and has raised a concern and I do not want to lose this information. I’m keeping it handy in case issues appear in the future.

Steve Notes

There have been two commenters recently that have posted information about National Help Center Law Group.


I was contacted by:
Dan BatraNational Help Center Law Group655 N. Central Avenue, 17th Floor Glendale, CA 91203 Toll Free: 877-777-3711, Ext. 184 Dir: 818-396-8322Fax: 877-242-2593 Email: [email protected] Website: Who are these guys?


Ok Steve has talked about these Marketers and he is right about some of them. Here is a recent example of their junk in previous emails this guy told me he was an attorney. Does anybody know him .:

[email protected]” To: Sent: Tue, August 30, 2011 9:07:48 PMSubject: Sue to stop your illegal foreclosure and force fair mortgage terms
Dear Sir or Madam,If you have not received a modification, or were offered one directly by your lender with clauses that do not secure your home or require you to sign off on your rights to sue, then it is important to audit all legal aspect of your loan and use any issues discovered as leverage against your lender in order to obligate the bank to act appropriately based on real estate laws. Banks are disregarding orders to apply proper criteria in the foreclosure process After issuing a federal mandate to slow-down foreclosures for a revision and application of proper procedures, banks have disregarded such mandate and continue to apply illegal foreclosure procedures that overlook the proper steps required by law. Issues that are not being addressed by banks, and carry serious consequences if challenged in court are: ***ROBO-SIGNING: People sign documents and swear to their accuracy without verifying any of the information. Practices include signing mortgage affidavit documents without verifying the information, forging executives’ signature, lower-level employees signing with a fake title, failing to comply with notary procedures, etc. Challenging forgery can eliminate foreclosure and compensate fairly.***FLAWED PAPERWORK: Originals documents required by law are missing or do not exist. It’s one of the overlooked legacies of the housing boom. In a rush to get loan packages sold to investors, many banks either destroyed or failed to turn over original promissory notes or mortgage documents, both of which are legally required in order to convey ownership. Therefore, many foreclosures can be contested if a bank now owning a mortgage can’t prove they own the loan.***MERS: Mortgage Electronic Registry System, LLC was established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in conjunction with several major banks as a mean to expedite the loan recording process of selling notes, process that used to be done slowly through individual county clerk offices. MERS bypassed the required process of filing with clerks, even though no state laws authorize it. Several states now realize that even though MERS is the beneficiary, it does not own the note, therefore, does not have the power to transfer to servicers the right to foreclose.***LOAN MODIFICATION DENIALS: Banks offering trial modifications to qualified homeowners through federal modification programs have been failing to comply by not approving permanent terms. This is considered breach of contract and can be challenged in court to force terms. A lawsuit can stop banks from foreclosing and enforce permanent modified terms Taking a mortgage lender to court give homeowners power to stop bank illegal abuses and get around loan modification guidelines that are applied by banks at their convenience. A lawsuit uncovers legal issues that have greater strength in court than just simple financial qualification factors. Results include elimination of foreclosure risk, significant reductions in mortgage terms and compensation based on punitive damages.To find out if you have a case to legally battle your lender in court for satisfactory results, contact Victor at (818) 473-0550 or (877) 777-3711 ext. 112 Kind Regards, ____________________Victor Lugo – MBA National Help Center Law Group655 North Central Ave., 17th Floor
Glendale CA 91203(877) 777-3711 Ext 112, (877) 469-6400 Ext 112

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The Pitch

Mass joinder, forensic audit sales pitch.


For some odd reason the National Help Center Law Group maintains two different but identical websites.
Registered: April 29, 2011
Ownership: Hidden
Registered April 29, 2011
Ownership: Hidden

Company Information

California Corporate Registration:

Entity Number: C3366143
Date Filed: 01/26/2011
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 620 N BRAND BLVD 5TH FLOOR
Entity City, State, Zip: GLENDALE CA 91203
Agent for Service of Process: NATIONAL HELP CENTER LAW GROUP
Agent Address: 620 N BRAND BLVD 5TH FLOOR
Agent City, State, Zip: GLENDALE CA 91203

This same address was used by Janian & Associates which was the subject of a loan modification complaint. They also have an F rating with the BBB. – Source

Items to Note

The website states they refer matters to:
Consumer Action Law Group and Frank & Associates, LLP. – Source

  • Consumer Action Law Group has a troubled past, click here. According to State of California records, Consumer Action Law Group is not authorized to conduct business in California and does not appear to be an actual law practice. – Source
  • According to State of California records, Frank & Associates, LLP is not authorized to conduct business in California and is not an actual law firm. 877-333-9339 – Source

My radar is up about all of these groups and it looks like a big referral marketing effort. My advice, RUN AWAY!

If you have had any experience with this program, please post your comments and feedback in the comments below.

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Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • see if you can find these people calling themselves National Help Center. the only thing they have is a cell or unpublished number (312) 834 9849. They get you to call by leaving a message about an upcoming tax sale on your property. Once on the phone they give a long speech about how the banks are cheating you with fees and charges on mortgages. if you deny their services as I did, you get harassed with threatening and insulting phone calls and text messages if you use a cell phone. spread the word to refuse their services.

  • They want $3500 to go over your loan documents.  If you want to take on the bank, hire a regular lawyer, not these “special” guys — special because they specialize in taking money from you when you’re already broke.  They’re bottom feeders.  I talked to them several times, read comments of others on the web, and stayed away.

    • thank you for your letter me and my wife have been this way before. a company name BB BROWN out of UTAH. They stole $4,800.00 from us. so people beware of these scrum company.

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