My Ex-Husband Was Supposed to Give Me Half His Retirement And He Spent It. – Nory

“Dear Lewis,

my ex husband was court ordered to pay me half of his retirement, he spent it all, he and we both have attorneys, my attorney was going after him for my fees, now my attorney wants me to pay him. I have no money and this all took place over a month ago, when does my ex have to start paying me… my attorney seems to be ignoring me…

when will I get paid, and can he (my ex) go bankrupt on all this, he has very little debt and a good job..


Dear Nony,

Unfortunately, this is more of a divorce question than a bankruptcy question. You need to go back into divorce court and enforce the divorce settlement agreement.

As to your ex’s bankruptcy, it is possible that he filed a chapter 13 and is trying to discharge the marital settlement agreement. It is not dischargeable in a chapter 7. But someone would need to do a careful review of his bankruptcy and your divorce agreement to see what he has “accomplished”, if anything. More than likely, he accomplished nothing as to being able to get rid of his obligation to you.

Please work with your divorce lawyer as to enforcing the settlement agreement.

Good luck!

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