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Timeline Debt and R&N Consultants Has Vanished On Me. – Sandie

“Dear Steve,

Got involved with Timeline Debt/R&N Consultants about 2 years ago. Ended their relationship with Global Client Solutions and asked for payment to go directly to them about 6 months ago. Stopped sending payments about 2 months ago, and was never able to get in touch with them. Received a letter yesterday from them telling me they would no longer be able to be contacted. Said I should be getting a call from Global Client Solutions to set up with another debt settlement company.

How do I know where I stand with my debts? Have paid $450/month for over two years and was told debts were close to being settled. If I do have to contact another debt settlement company? What if I do nothing? Do you know of a reputable company where I won’t be scammed like Timeline Debt did to me?


Dear Sandie,

It sounds to me as if they have dropped you cold. You most likely paid big fees in advance of them doing the work they promised and now they’ve closed up and vanished.

Unless Timeline Debt and R&N Consultants can be contacted, then it is unlikely any information will be available from any past work they did for you. Basically, you are starting over.

Can you please email a copy of the letter to me at [email protected] I’d like to see it.

If you are looking for a more reputable company I recommend members of the AACC who have pledged to put consumers first.

At this point you need to follow this process to go for a refund of any money you paid for services. See How to Get Out of a Scam and Get a Big Refund.

I’m afraid the odds are more likely this is not going to end well.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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