Innovative Wealth Builders – Consumer Complaint 9-12-2011

Date This Problem Happened: August 31, 2011

State You Live in: Pennsylvania

Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $790

Company Name: Innovative Wealth Builders

Company Address: Clearwater, Florida

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

Received a phone call to help to reduce interest on credit cards. I normally do not talk with such individuals, but the idea of cutting credit card interest sounded like a good way to go.

They would guarantee me at least a $1500 savings or there would be no charge. They had all the right answers to my questions.

There was a $395 fee up front (this should have been a red flag for me). After receiving the paperwork, which I was to carefully review, sign and return to them. The paperwork was to show the amt. of interest that I would save on each card.

If they could show a savings of $1500 or more they would than charge another $395. If not, I would get my original $395 back. It all happened so fast, I talked with 3 individuals that day.

First lady, didn’t write her name down; Edward Titus, floor suporvisor; Connie, an older sounding lady, that reviewed all the inf. that they had told me; Ashley, called me a day later, as part of the customer care department.

They were to post the first $395 to my account that day, the second $395 was not to be posted until the paperwork was completed and the reduced interest rates were settled. Both $395 charges appeared on my Discover account on Sept. 1, 2011. I have tried to reach them at all three Phone # 888-748-5760; 727-608-2700; 888-748-4760. The first two # do not exist, the third # (4760) is a realitor in Va.


I’ve written about Innovative Wealth Builders before. You can see those past articles, here.

I’d suggest you pursue getting your money back, you can follow this article. Be sure to contact Discover and dispute the charge.

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3 thoughts on “Innovative Wealth Builders – Consumer Complaint 9-12-2011”

  1. Look at the report they provide showing how much they claim to have saved you.  All they do is take your balance and interest rate and put it in a loan calculator.  They inflate the payments until they reach the desired effects they want.  They pay no attention to the clients income or liabilities and have no idea if the client can even afford inflated payments.  Purely made up junk.  They still make claims on the phone promising to save you thousands and reduce your rates.  If you request a refund thats when they start making up bogus stories about how much they helped you.  Report them to the State Attorney Generals Office.  This is nothing more than a scam company.

  2. EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!!!!!!! I have worked at this place for only 4 days now. My first day was October 19, 2011. There was an ad in the newspaper saying to call their number to be scheduled for an interview. They scheduled me for an interview that same day and hired me that same day. I thought that this place was professional because they are on the 3rd floor of Wells Fargo in Clearwater. I assumed that they were affiliated with this bank but they actually are not.-They just work out of the same building, different floor. The training was only 2 days. In that training you sign some type of legal agreement basically saying that you will not use any of the information such as cc #s for anything other than work, and also saying that you agree to their company policy. After the paper work, the trainer informed the other 3 people that were offered the job, that there are times where you must go to some kind of store named Farmers or something-to have your check cashed. She said this does not happen often and that someone would let us know if we need to go to this store to have our check cashed instead of going to the bank.The trainer advised that they want us to go to this store because our checks would definitely be cashed there, instead of going to a bank or grocery store and the check bouncing. I’m thinking to myself “what kind of place doesn’t offer direct deposit and doesn’t have the money to pay their workers?” “and what kind of place is trying assist people with their debt, when they obviously can’t pay their own?” We spoke about what we would be doing as “qualifiers” and the pay and commission. etc. We also filled out a form which was for us to get a license in order to be a telemarketer. That 3rd day, we were on the floor actually taking calls. The room is like a very small call center, the computers are out dated, and the room has VERY loud music from a playlist playing. Most of the music that is played has profanity. Not professional at all. The calls are from like an automatic dialer and we read a script basically a brief summary of what the company does and promising to lower the interest rate on the customer’s credit cards. In order for the customer to qualify, they must not be over the credit limit or currently late on their payments. To see if the customer qualifies the toll free # on back of card, cc # is needed and the last four of the card holder’s social. This info is given to one of the unprofessional managers and they go to a phone and call the toll free # to see if the customer is in good standing with the card company and to see if they qualify for the “lower your interest rate” program. After the manager is given this info, the qualifier(who called the customer) is done with the call. From there the manager explains what I would call the “fine print” or the “catch”. In training we were told if the customer asks if there is a fee to tell them “no, as long as you qualify you will not have to mail a check or money order. ” As you see this is a YES or NO question. Why can’t I just say no. I asked the trainer was there a fee or was there not a fee? She gave me a lonngggggggg answer that didn’t answer my question. So I’m really thinking is this a scam? Today was my second day on the floor and this is definitely not a job for me. I don’t like feeling like I’m harassing people or feeling like they are making a bad decision by giving me their cc #. I wouldn’t even give this company my cc # and I work there! That should say a lot. This will most likely be my last week. I’ve never seen a place like this. There is something illegal going on with this place and I can’t wait until they are shut down. Also, my 1st day on the floor, I gave a manager a customer’s cc# and the toll free #. When I went back to the desk that I was sitting in, the paper that had the customer’s cc info on it was there ripped a few times. Paper was not shredded or in the trash. THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED. I would love to share more about this company. Feel free to reply and ask me any questions you may have.


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