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“Dear Steve,

I went to college and expensive one, and owe Sallie mae close or more than $100,000 in school loan debt. They are not working with me and want me to pay them close to $1,000 a month. That is more than my house note, and we cannot afford. I am scared to go get a job teaching ( which my degree is in) because we would have to pay for daycare, and Sallie Mae would more than likely take most of my pay check, so we wouldn’t be able to pay other bills. i would love for this to be gone, so my family and i could move on with your lives and feel secure.

Will you pay sallie mae for me?


Dear Renee,

No, but nice try.

I’d love to tell you there is a magic solutions for this problem. There isn’t. When it comes to private loan lenders like Sallie Mae your options are limited at best.

It seems the underlying problem is the investment in the product, your education, is not going to generate enough money to satisfy the obligation.

It is a downright sad situation with no good options. In fact it seems that even teachers with jobs are now getting laid off and looking for positions outside the U.S.

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