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My Father Went to Prison With Debt. – Brenton

“Dear Steve,

My name is Brenton and my mom is going through a tough time and needs help. My father has 2 credit cards that need to be repaid but he went to prison for 2 years. The credit cards are in his name not my mothers. But now since he is in prison they are trying to get my mom to pay the credit cards or they are quote “Going to secure the property”end quote. Also my mothers name is not on the either credit card but she is a authorized user on one of them. SO we are wondering what are options are or is she going to have to pay the credit cards off.

My house in both my mothers and fathers name.But only my fathers name is on the credit cards.


Dear Brenton,

Sorry you hear your father is locked up.

It sounds to me that the creditors are saying that the failure of your father to pay the debts may result in a lien against the house for the money owed.

Before they do that though it might make sense for your mother and you to go talk to a local bankruptcy attorney about your father filing for bankruptcy to eliminate those two debts. If your mother is only an authorized user she has no obligation to repay.

If the creditors placed a lien against the home it would sit there and earn some interest until either the house was sold or the debt was repaid.

This issue can be dealt with but your parents will need to take some action to deal with it.

The bankruptcy attorney will be able to help explain if they can even place a lien against the house. It depends how the house was titled and what state you live in.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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