Creditors Are Calling Me for My Son’s Money. – Alexis

“Dear Steve,

My son was working in Dubai. He had a bank debt (credit card and personal loan). He paid back some of the money. On health ground he had to leave Dubai without paying back the debt fully. Now he is in India. But some people makes calls to our home phone and mobile phone and asking us to pay a huge amount.

They say that they are authorized to collect the debt. The calls are from India only. Not from Dubai. Every day they call us. But we are quite helpless to pay this amount. My son has no job now. Iam a retired person. We have no land property or own house to sell off to repay this debt. The bank did not give us any notice with regard to this.


Dear Alexis,

I know of no reason why you would be obligated to repay the loan on behalf of your son if you were not a guaranteeing party on the loans in Dubai.

It sounds like the creditors in Dubai have sent to account out of collection in India and you should probably expect to continue to receive the calls until they give up.

The best strategy at this point would be to try to be friendly when they call but make no promises for payment. The more you allow them to manipulate your emotions in this mater, the more control and power you give them.

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