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I’m happy to announce today that both consumers and debt relief companies will now have FREE access to debt relief industry compliance, regulation, and legislation resources.

This site module for the GetOutOfDebt.org site will give site visitors fee access to be better informed and educated about debt relief industry regulations.

In this module you will find:

  • Updates on current debt relief legislation,
  • Existing debt relief state laws,
  • Garnishment laws by state,
  • Information on statute of limitations and time barred debt,
  • Collection laws,
  • Licensing information by state,
  • Privacy law information,
  • Bankruptcy information,
  • Money transmitter law links,
  • Detailed information on the Uniform Debt Management Services Act,
  • …and more.

If you are a consumer and want to check out a company you are thinking of working with, feel free to register and login. This is an awesome resource to use to see if the company you are trusting your financial affairs to is complying with the law.

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If you are a debt relief company, you need to use this module to make sure you are compliant and fully registered and licensed to avoid legal issues.

It Is Free

There is no charge to use this module and it is provided in cooperation with USDR who is the underlying provider of the access and information. When you register USDR will have your registration and contact details, not GetOutOfDebt.org.

I would challenge anyone to find as authoritative a resource where all this information can be found in one place with just a few clicks.

The Important Links

To register – click here
To login once registered – click here.


Here is the sreen that shows state law information for UDMSA, Debt Adjustment Act, Debt Settlement Act, Debt Management law, Check Sellers, and Credit Services.

This service is free, easily accessible to all, and will hopefully serve as an exceptional resource for people interested in the debt relief world.

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