Financial Asset Management Systems is Garnishing My Wages for a Student Loan. – Mima

“Dear Steve,

My issue with FAMS/SLM is that I cannot get them to send me any documentation of proof for the debt amount stated on the attached document.

I do not deny the student loan I took for my son, but only the additional $8,000.

What I find frustrating, is that when I took the loan I was employed at Avon, Inc. I then lost my job in 2008, and was unable to continue payments.

I contacted Citibank, but was denied any reduction on my monthly payments.

I was fortunate to find a job in 2009, but at a 30% decrease from my previous salary.

I again contacted Citibank, and was told the loan was no longer with them. It was sold to Sallie Mae.

I contacted Sallie Mae, told then I could not afford the payments, but was willing to pay a lesser amount. They were not very cooperative.

Then I started receiving very rude phone calls and letters from Pioneer Credit Recovery. I sent them a certified letter asking them to please stop calling my office, and to send me proof of debt.

There was no response.

Early this year I started getting phone calls and letters from FAMS, They kept asking me for my social security number and date of birth. I do not give this information over the phone. I wrote SLM, to please send proof of debt, I wrote FAMS to please send proof of debt, and no one can explain how my $12K loan is now $21K. You can see by the attached letter, that they put everything in a lump sum.

My salary is being garnished, $514 per pay period, but the last letter they sent me, (see attached), does not reduce the debt by any amount, nor does it explain the debt.

What can I do? I just sent them a certified letter, and one to the Office of the Attorney General, asking for help.

There is something very wrong, when Citibank, and Sallie Mae, both receive huge bail-outs from our government, but my loan is jacked up 30%.

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After reading the letter (attachment FAMS), SLM claims not to be a government agency, how can my wages be garnished without a court order. How could Honeywell not notify me, and proceed to comply with FAMS’ request based on a letter that does not seem to be signed by anyone, ( garnishing document)?

This $1000 a month is putting me in a financial choke hold, and I’m willing to pay, but I need proof.

Can you help me?

Thanks for listening.


Dear Mima,

Thank you for sending me a copy of the garnishment letter below.

I agree, the process is not clear. The big bump in the balance could be due to added collection fees, penalties, and additional interest. We won’t know for sure until some clarification can be obtained.

At this point the most expeditious route would be for you to find a local attorney who will write FAMS on your behalf. I agree that’s an expense you don’t want to have to pay but it’s the least expensive way to escalate the matter and have a better chance of getting to some real attention of this issue.

The student loan garnishment is easy to get and an administrative garnishment can be put forward without suing you first.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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