I Owe Natwest in the UK and Concerned I’ll Be Arrested if I Go Back to the UK. – Marco

“Dear Jon,

I need some advice.

I lived in London from 2000 to 2002. Then in 2002, I had health problems at work, my arm, and treatment was complicated. So, I decided to go back to Brazil just for the treatment, which would be free, as I was born here. The thing is, treatment for free would take a long time and I was really ill, so I had to pay for myself and couldn’t afford going back to London.

Before leaving London, I had just got a loan (3500 pounds) for the travel and possible expenses, which was easily payable with my job. But as I had to pay private doctors and treatments, things got out of control. I took all the money in the ATM in my city in Brazil , plus overdraft (about 600) and spend on credit card (about 800). Total debt around 5000 pounds at Natwest.

After about a year, I was much better, but couldn’t get back to London because I coudn’t afford it.

now, after all this time (9 years) I need to go to visit some family, and I’m worried if I can get in, or if I might be arrested at the airport.

I know unpaid debts is a civil matter, not criminal. But, is it possible the bank claimed that I frauded them? because I didn’t pay even a month of the loan, and took all the money out in an ATM here in Brazil. Can they say I never intended paying them back? Is there a way for me to check if I have anything against me?

I really appreciate your prompt reply. I need to travel soon.

Thanks, best regards



As you mentioned being in debt or owing someone is not a criminal matter, and I would doubt Natwest filed a fraud suit against you, so coming back to London should not be a problem, relax.

Due to the time that has passed, if Natwest has not made attempts to contact you the debt may be statute barred or no longer owed. This would depend on if the creditor made attempts to contact you or not, as they may have at an old address for you if you did not update them with any new details.

You can try reviewing the insolvency register at the government’s insolvency web site to see if you were made bankrupt, (this doesn’t go back too far) and also inquire with the High Court in London as to any cases against you; but again due to the time that has passed it may be difficult to find out.

Again, I would think you would be fine returning to the UK.


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  1. Hi jon, I have some debts in UK (around 5K). It has been 2.5 years, Since i have moved from UK to my home country due to some family reasons. since then i never heard of anything from any of my creditors in my home country. Now i want to come back to UK again, and i want to review my UK credit status via stuatory credit report (incase i have any judgement against me) and for immigration purspose  as well. Can i order a stuatory UK credit report from my home country? Does any of credit agency(experian,call credit, equifax) sell my personal information to my creditors if i order this report?Because i need to tell them my current address in my home country along with my previous UK address if i order that report. And i dont want my parents know about my UK debts. Here my intentions not to hide myself from my old debt. But at the moment i can’t face them.  Please suggest me what i can do in this situation?
    Thanks in advance.


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