BBB Warns Of Gift Card Scam

It looks as if the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning the country yet again of gift card scams. Once back in July and again in September the BBB put out warnings that consumers should be very wary of the winning of gift cards.

It is especially important for people to take caution if they receive an unsolicited phone call informing them they’ve won a card for a local store and that they need to go claim their prize. This is a scam that’s meant lure victims away from their homes with the excitement of free money at a local store while burglars then have the opportunity to break in.

Target Gift Cards

Once the victim arrives at the store they thought someone was calling from they are disappointed to learn that no such won gift card even exists. They’re even more disappointed when they arrive home and find they’ve been burglarized.

Not only does a victim feel that they’ve lost their “free money” but they’ve then lost actual valuables after being robbed.

The BBB recommends the following tips to protect you from becoming a victim:

Ask questions. Callers should identify who they are, who they work for and how you supposedly won the prize. Generally, you cannot win a prize if you have not entered a contest.

Be cautious of unknown callers. If someone calls stating you have “won” or been “gifted” or “prized” with anything of value, think twice and act smart. Especially if the callers use the name of an official entity, make certain that you go “off the call” and contact the official entity to confirm the information.

Report all suspicious behavior. If you fall victim to a similar scam, report the burglary immediately to your local police so they can begin an investigation. – Source.

If you have been scammed and would like to file a scam report, please click here.

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