Modification Department – Authorization Status Mailer – Beware

Reports are trickling in about a new letter being mailed to homeowners promising mortgage modification relief. Beware. This letter has all the hallmarks of having a high scam potential.

I’ve labeled the area that concern me in the image below.

A – Hard to see but it is an official looking eagle. Probably intended to look like government document.

B – Generic name. Does not identify company.

C – Gives impression the recipient has already been approved for some benefit and just needs to take action.

D – Appears to promise a payment reduction, reduced interest rate, and a principal balance reduction, just as mass joinder sales pitches have claimed.

E – The take-away close. Telling consumer they must act now.

F – More generic identification. Company and entities behind this not disclosed.

I was unable to get through on the 1-877-866-2084 number listed but one person reported “I tried the #, and the message says it an attorney named Rosenblitt (?), never seem to get a live person on though.”

If you receive this mailer please take a picture or scan the front of the envelope and send it to me using the tipster (send in your tips here) form.


A reader said they spoke with this company and the website for the company is hrlconline.com.

The site labels them as Homeowners Relief Law Corporation and the consumer states they spoke to attorney is Joseph Rosenblitt. The company says they are located at:

Homeowners Relief Law Corporation
2081 Business Center Dr. Ste. 285
Irvine, CA 92612 – Source


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