The Flucker Family Fraud Affair

A family of fraudsters have been sentenced after finding guilt in the connection with a massive “affinity” fraud scheme where around 2,000 victims were swindled out of about $10.7 million.

Father, Roy Fluker, Jr., was sentenced to 15 years in prison while his son, Roy Flucker, III and his daughter Ronnanita Flucker each got 8 year sentences after being convicted on multiple fraud counts.

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All three defendants participated in a scheme between 2005 and 2008 in which they fraudulently obtained approximately $18 million from victims, as well as some victims’ homes, through their operation of companies called All Things in Common, LLC, which did business as More Than Enough, LLC and Locust International, LLC. The defendants marketed what they touted as an educational and financial program called the “Spend and Redeem Program.” They represented to participants in the program that in return for an investment of money, the participants would receive 25 percent of their total investment every month for 12 consecutive months — a 200 percent profit in one year.

Defendants also marketed what purported to be a financial program called the “Housing Program,” which they claimed provided a way for people to reduce their mortgage payments and to own their homes clear of any mortgage within five years.

The Flucker family would target members of the African-American exclusively at church and hotel events in the Chicago area.

The defendants made numerous misrepresentations and material omissions as part of the fraud scheme, resulting in obtaining more than $18 million from thousands of participants in the Spend and Redeem Program and from more than two dozen Housing Program participants in about only 18 months. They misappropriated much of the participants’ money and property for their own use, as well as to make Ponzi-type payments to earlier participants.

Millions of dollars that were fraudulently obtained were paid back to certain investors, and losses totaled approximately $10 million when the scheme collapsed in 2006. After local banks froze multiple accounts the defendants used to commit the fraud, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office successfully recouped approximately $3.4 million for victims, resulting in a remaining loss today of more than $7.3 million.

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The Flucker family has been imposed with $9 million preliminary forfeiture judgements and ordered to pay $7,336,957 in restitution – Source.

No word has been mentioned about if or where the mother “Flucker” is.

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