I Have an Old Judgment Against Me That Has Come Back Up. – James

“Dear Steve,

I have a judgement against me from a credit card . I had considered bankruptcy at the time but never did. One credit company sued me and won a default judgement. For 10 years nothing happened, then it was bought by junk debt buyers and they renewed it. I live in Texas and it can be renewed . They are trying to collect but I haven’t talked to them.It was for $ 5,000 and has growed to $ 17,000.

What should I do about this judgement? I can’t paid this amount. I do own property but don’t want to sell any. Also, I don’t think it is right for another company to be able to buy debt for pennies on the dollar. So far all they have done is write me and call weekly but I have not communicated with them.


Dear James,

In order for you to determine if you can still be sued for the debt you’d need to contact a Texas licensed attorney and ask them. In fact it would probably be a smart idea to do that in this matter.

Old debts can continue to grow and they are routinely bought and sold. A debt owed to someone is an asset of that person and they can certainly sell it to any willing buyer who wants to pay for the obligation and step into their shoes. This trading in obligations happens all the time, is legal, and big business.

While you feel they should not be able to do this, they can.

The most pressing issue here is to resolve the old debt rather than just let it linger and fester.

Contact an attorney first and that will dictate what your next step will be. If you want to find a consumer friendly attorney, look at naca.net.

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