I’m in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy But Can’t Make the Payments. – Daniel

“Dear Lewis,

I filed bankruptcy (chapter 13) about 14 months ago and the payments were set very high (around 890 a month) and have had trouble ever since making payments. I have a mortgage that is about 7 or 8 years old and i had put my 4 acres of land up as collateral. I am a little behind on it but can probably catch it up but i am almost 3 payments behind on the chapter 13 and payments are now 930 or so. The land is mostly mountain land and there is a double wide as the mortgage. Land and house is currently appraised at about 85 to 90 thousand but not worth that. In southwest Virginia and lost job about 3 weeks ago. I have a wife and two children 10 and 6.

Can i go to ch 7 and will they take my land or what? What is an option for me?


Dear Daniel,

I would imagine you probably qualify for chapter 7 now based on the loss of your job. But qualifying for chapter 7 by income purposes is one issue. You may need to be in chapter 13 to protect an asset that cannot be fully exempted.

I do not know what Virginia’s homestead exemptions are. You need to speak to a bankruptcy attorney to determine the value of your property, the mortgage encumbering the property, and available Virginia exemptions to cover the property.

As I stated, your income may qualify you for a chapter 7. But you may have a need to be in chapter 13, but possibly a reduction in your plan payment because of the loss of income.

Good luck!

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