Adult Baby Continues To Receive Social Security Benefits – Fraud Allegations Dropped

Stanley Thornton, Jr. was featured, not too long ago, on an episode of National Geographic’s television show, “Taboo” where his life of living as an Adult Baby was showcased.

When I first came across this news story I immediately thought of an episode of CSI I had seen once of an adult man living his life as a baby due to sexual fetishes. This is not Thornton’s case at all. Thornton lives in California and lives his life as an adult baby, having been diagnosed as having “paraphilic infantilism” – crib, play pen, diapers, bottles, the whole she-bang.

It has been explained that Thornton lives his life this way because it makes him feel “safe” and that acting as a baby helps him to cope with an abusive and troubled past. Shortly after the “Taboo” episode aired Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma accused Thornton of defrauding Social Security benefits when it was made clear on the show that Thornton can easily switching between “Adult” and “Baby” mode. Coburn called into question how a grown man who consciously and willingly switch lifestyles could be eligible for social security benefits.

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The Washington Times questioned Thornton about the matter where Thornton then threatened suicide if he was to lose his source of income. Although in August it was announced that Thornton’s disability had been cleared and that Social Security would continue to send him the $860 a month – Source.

Thornton announced on his website that, “I am not getting disability because I am a Adult Baby. No one can get on disability because they are a Adult Baby. I am on disability for legit, tested and well documented illnesses. Some of my legit, tested for and well documented illnesses is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), depression, bipolar 2, spinal injury, heart problems, self injury just to name a few – Source.

He continued to explain, “The ONLY AB related things I buy with my disability check is not even really AB related. My medical insurance covers the diapers. Not the best, but it’s better than wet pants. Anyway, the insurance doesn’t cover powder, wipes or rash cream. So those 3 items are bought with my disability money at $20.00 per month. No AB items are bought with SSI money as people assumed. So I wanted to address this myth right off. The SSI money pays for prescription co-pays, rent, food, electric and so on. The SSI monies are not funding my AB role playing. So now you know the truth”- Source.

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