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I’m Trying to Get Back Into School But My Old School is Holding My Transcript. – Danae

“Dear Steve,

I went to a school in New York for about 1 year I paid the school out of pocket some with the help of a grant after the one year I moved to a different state and decided to go back to school and retake those classes(I did not tell the school I had previously been at a school in NY) so I can get a better grade which I did around this time I received letters that said I was going to be sued and I owed money but at the time I didnt want those credits because my grades when I went to that school werent all that great plus I was young and didnt think it was that big of a deal even though I already paid the school in full so they one the case and now I owe. and the new school I was attending I withdrew after about 2 years because I was pregnant.

Now I am trying to get back into the school I withdrew from but it has some new system which tells the school I attended another school in New York and even though I dont want to use those credits they want my transcript from the New York school and I cannot receive it because they think I owe and I cant prove I paid because the bank I had 8 years ago told me after 7 years of not banking with them they delete your file, so now I cant further my education because of that one transcript and I already paid the school 8 years ago.


Dear Danae,

Unfortunately I don’t know of any way you can overcome this problem without resolving the issue with the school that is withholding your transcript from you for alleged non-payment.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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