Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Settled Three of My Debts But I’m Not Happy. – Rebecca

“Dear Steve,

I signed up with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution in November of last year. Three accounts have been settled, but I am not happy with them at all. They never call me back or answer my emails, just all of a sudden told me I haven’t been charged a $49.00 a month maintenance fee and are going to start charging me for it now…which was their mistake! I had not heard about the lawsuit dealing with them until recently. Is that a good enough reason to give about wanting out? That I feel they misrepresented themselves? Thank you for your help!


Dear Rebecca,

While I have been critical of Legal Helpers Debt Resolution on a number of occasions your situation presents a different situation.

It sounds as if they did the work for you on the settlements but what we really have here is a basic customer service dissatisfaction issue. Nobody like to deal with a company that they pay money to and then get unfriendly service.

Regarding the $49 monthly fee, I would bet that was in your agreement you originally signed with them. If they failed to bill you for it then that’s really their fault. I suppose they could go back and demand you pay them what you agreed to but certainly the smarter play would be to simply collect the $49 a month moving forward.

If you are unhappy in general with LHDR then you can always look at other debt settlement companies but I think you should first evaluate if you’ve already paid LHDR their fees for settling your debt in advance already before you jump ship. You’d then have to fight to attempt to get a refund of fees paid for debts not settled yet.

In your particular situation I’d first make LHDR aware of your customer service concerns and give them a chance to remedy that problem first.

Please come back and post an update in the comments below about what their reaction was when you confront them on this.


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