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“Dear Steve,

I am in terrible financial situation. I have 4 credit cards and they are almost maxed out. Two of them from 2 credit unions and 2 from American Express. I can’t seem to pay them off or try to get the creditors to lower the interest rate. The highest rate is 17% ( from a credit union) and the other 3 are around 9%-11%. In addition, I am trying to ask my bank to provide a permanent load modification for me. I’ve tried this for 3 years with no success on my own. So, I came across MyHomeOwnersAdvocate.com and they seem ligit. However, your investigation and your report speak otherwise.

Please give me some advise regarding what to do with my credit cards and my mortgage (also should I do business with MyHomeOwnerAdvocate?).

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Dear David,

Regarding My Homeowners Advocate all I can say is you can read these past posts and reader comments on those pasts in an effort to help inform you about any decision you make to utilize those services. You should also use other general awareness tools as well like contacting the BBB or the Attorney General office in the state the company is located in to ask about any complaints.

From what you’ve shared it seems you have a larger financial problem going on here other than just the modification of your mortgage. Whatever has happened has led to not only the mortgage being unmanageable but also problems with your ability to pay down or pay off your credit cards.

It’s one thing to tackle one issue or another but I think I need some more information about what the underlying issue is with your income. Have you had a reduction in income that has led to you relying on the credit cards to get by? Do you see any possibility of increasing your income in the near future?

Please answer my questions in the comments section below.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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