CACH Purchased My Business Credit Card Account from Bank of America. – Darlene

“Dear Steve,

I had a business credit card and business LOC with bank of america that were charged off in march 2011 and i guess purchased by CACH,LLC. I have received a letter form P. Scott Lowery and John C. Bonoewicz. I have rquested validation (April 7, 2011) of the debt and also requested that they prove they are licensed in the State of Maryland to collect.

As of today I received nothing from Bonewicz and did receive a robo lettter from Lowery with what looks like a bill of sale and assignment of loans from bank of america. then another robo letter dated 9/19/2011 asking that I call their office and speak to one of their non-atorney representatives.

I guess my question is should I hire an attorney here in maryland to help me out with this. They have placed both accounts on my credit report under CACH, LLC.

Should I hire an attorney and what type or see if my credit counsler can help?


Dear Darlene,

Well let’s start with the premise that you agree you did have a Bank of America credit card account that did default.

In that case Bank of America most likely sold it as part of a larger portfolio or bad debts to an outside party. The underlying question is if that party and/or assigned collection agents have proper proof of the amount of debt or validity of that debt owed. These days that’s a good question to ask.

It does not sound to me as if the information you were provided is sufficient to validate the debt. I would suggest you pursue this further but you should really find a consumer advocate attorney that specializes in these issues and is licensed in your state. You can use NACA.net to locate such an attorney.

While you could certainly contact a credit counselor for assistance, it is highly unlikely the credit counseling organization will do anything to address the underlying issue of the debt validity.

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If you simply wanted to workout a payment arrangement with the collector or current debt owner, you could contact a credit counselor, your attorney, or you could enter into a debt repayment arrangement directly.

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