Debt Relief Legally Still in a Dispute With JAR Marketing and Legal Network of America

Previously I had published an open letter from Aubrey Jenkins at Debt Relief Legally, who had previously done business as Newport Liberty Group, Inc.

Aubrey has contacted me and issued the following statement.

Due to the letter received from counsel for JAR posted herewith and threatening legal action, we are removing our prior postings.

I will continue my struggle to stand up for the small companies who are on the front lines and working to ensure a proper debt relief program for the consumer and be steadfast in my belief that there is justice for our cause.

The letter Aubrey references can be found below.

I’m certain this will be a very interesting situation moving forward.


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22 thoughts on “Debt Relief Legally Still in a Dispute With JAR Marketing and Legal Network of America”

  1. Ethnic Intolerance, Anyone?

    Getoutofdebt.org has become nothing more than a tabloid and
    stage for people to air their dirty laundry.

    At one point it acted as a reliable source for industry
    information.  It once provided a
    place for consumers to go and find helpful information and a place for industry
    leaders to get news and share opinions. 
    Not anymore!! The quality of the reporting has become worthy of little
    more than spot next to the register at the supermarket.   

    Steve, why have you gone the route of sensational reporting?
    Are the Pay-Per- Click revenues higher when you publish angry, vengeful and
    racist opinions?

    I am disappointed that you were willing to publish the
    unfiltered rant sent in by Aubrey Jenkins.  It would be one thing if she had entered her comments, but
    you chose to dignify not only her personal agenda but one that contains clear
    RACIAL OVERTONES by publishing them as article.

    In her initial (Now Removed) letter Aubrey Jenkins stated,
    “These guys are evil people and should not be allowed to do business in
    America. Go back to India is what I say.”

    This direct ethnic hostility has no place in modern American
    business.  I am ashamed for Aubrey
    Jenkins for speaking in this manner and disappointed in Steve Rhode for
    allowing getoutofdebt.org to used as a platform for airing racist views. It
    makes me sick to think Aubrey Jenkins’s degree of hatred and ignorance still
    exists in our society.

    Steve, do you support Aubrey views of Indian American

    Aubrey, Is it just Indians that you don’t care for? Why stop
    there?  Aren’t there any other
    races that you find unsavory?  Why don’t
    you tell us about them too? It will make a great story for Steve Rhode to

    I hope the getoutofdebt.org audience weighs in on this
    subject.  I can’t believe that I am
    the only one that is offended by Aubrey’s comments.

    • You say “At one point it acted as a reliable source for industry information.  It once provided a place for consumers to go and find helpful information and a place for industry leaders to get news and share opinions. Not anymore!! ”

      So what changed? 

      This site has always been about people “in the industry” and “looking at the industry for help” to voice their questions, concerns and positions on certain subjects. So, other than who the barrel is aimed at in any given post about something somebody pulled on somebody else, it’s predictable that the person being exposed would only write such things as your post. 

      And for the record, I have not had very many pleasant experiences with the MANY foreign/overseas business cultures. Most seem to consist of characteristics such as “fast talking” and “entitlement”… In my opinion, the general “Indian Call Center” business fits into this category. Not saying they are all bad, but…  

      We have all gotten the call center dialer calls on our cell phones or home phones and experienced what I am describing.  As far as the Indian remarks written by Aubrey, I can’t support any racist remarks. BUT, If you are on US soil and screwing over US Businesses and then running back to  , I think anybody who got ripped off would say “go back to “…

      What would happen to me if I went to another country, stole a bunch of money from their hard working business owners and left? They would intercept me at the airport and “tar and feather” my ass. I don’t hear people getting called racists when they say “go back to Nigeria” in common blog form after having their bank account emptied by the Nigerian email scams going around offering 436 billion dollars.

      So, If the shoe fits, F**k off back to India. Don’t try to pull the race card on behalf of the company ripping people off. They aren’t the victims..  And if they don’t like the perception people have of them, they should have thought about that before they made the business decisions that took the situation this far.

    • I find it highly interesting that the race card was the only thing this “debtindustryexec” pulled out of my post. I’m only left to assume who it was that posted this ridiculous statement since they have remained anonymous. “debtindustryexec” I’m always here if you feel like you want to talk about the real issues. Our attorneys are standing by as well. Please give either one of us a call any time. 

      Aubrey Jenkins

      • I’m sure it was someone from SCOA/LNOA/Jar, whatever… Perhaps the “JAR” of “JAR Marketing” stands for “Just Another Ripoff”… Man, I am so sick of all these greedy unscrupulous businesses. There is a wonderful common denominator behind them all too. Can you find it? Oh, so I understand the wonderful investigative work of the AFCC hadn’t caught these guys in their pre-membership investigations? I also never saw the AFCC response since they claimed they were going to handle it and again, never did. Too much money coming in from these guys to boot them? “Another Fictitious Consumer Coalition”…  So sad… So very very sad.

      • I’m sure it was someone from SCOA/LNOA/Jar, whatever… Perhaps the “JAR” of “JAR Marketing” stands for “Just Another Ripoff”… Man, I am so sick of all these greedy unscrupulous businesses. There is a wonderful common denominator behind them all too. Can you find it? Oh, so I understand the wonderful investigative work of the AFCC hadn’t caught these guys in their pre-membership investigations? I also never saw the AFCC response since they claimed they were going to handle it and again, never did. Too much money coming in from these guys to boot them? “Another Fictitious Consumer Coalition”…  So sad… So very very sad.

  2. THANK YOU to all who have commented (publicly and privately) and continue to support me through this time. It is extremely frustrating and disheartening that I am forced to hold my silence. I find it highly intrusive to my rights as a United States Citizen especially since my father, grandfather and husband have ALL risked their lives in serving this country to ensure our freedoms. It sickens me to the core. 

      • Andy.. I Love it. How have we missed that part up until now. Ironically, about JAR Marketing, I got this in my email today. Is this weird or what?  It’s from a contact form on my website. I love how this person specifically says ” I didn’t earn it…” What an interesting group of professionals. One steals the others money, none of them earned it… Then one files a complaint against the other. LMAO. Interesting model offered by SCOA. If only I could find a way to get a piece of other people’s unearned money…  Also, love his email address. “I Stole Da Loot” .com…

        Visitor: Akosh XXXXXX

        Email Address: XXXXX@istoledaloot.com

        Phone Number: 952-XXX-XXXX (the number provided goes to a company that does not offer debt relief services..)

        Message: Jay Singh ripped me off and ran back to India
        with my money. I didn’t earn it but still should get my share of the loot we
        stoled. Lookin’ good, John! You da man!

        • John,
          I’m a bit confused by your posting. It seems as though you are trying to bash me here. I’m truly hoping that is not the case because this is the exact reason others will not come forward and be public about their struggles in dealing with the people in this industry. People are afraid of being publicly bashed or of being sued. So now everyone knows I have been threatened a civil suit against me and if in fact you are suggesting that I am the person who “didn’t earn it” in the statement above, then you’ve now added a public bashing to my plate. It’s a shame because the chances of anyone else coming forward now are even that much less than they were before. I do hope that I am reading your post wrong but if I am not then shame on you for not understanding the situation first. You tell me, when you have someone market your product for you whether it be through SEO, Print, Radio, TV, etc., have they earned their money once the product you agreed to pay for is put out there? or do they just do all the work, put 2 years of their time and money into your campaign, find your customers, earn you income and then stop collecting out of the goodness of their heart? Again, I really do hope that I am misunderstanding your posting as I was actually speaking to a colleague of mine yesterday who finally told me who you are and I literally said “I love this guy already”. He told me what you did at the TASC conference and that you are outspoken, forthright, blunt and everything I am, especially when it comes to situations like this one. We need more people like you in the world so that we can make honest people out of the bad guys, but I guess understanding the truth of the matter is always the first step. I invite you to give me a call if you’d like to know more about us. 
          Thanks John,
          Aubrey Jenkins

          • You totally misunderstood my comment. At no time was I implying that it was you that emailed me. That’s a promise! It was more directed to the morons who signed whoever emailed me up as an affiliate who outright admits he didn’t earn commissions when signing people up. He was admitting to being in just for the money. Had he believed in the service he would have been more focused on the debtors he enrolled getting help. I was not bashing you at all. I know what affiliates are up against.. You guys get sold a dream too… Instead of them promising you financial freedom, they promise immeasurable wealth opportunities with their amazing retention and support. Again, let me clarify I am on your side here… My comments about legal models were only to say this industry pretty much sucks for consumers …

          • Thank you for the clarification John. Again, I truly appreciate your support and admire your willingness to put yourself out there like you do. As I stated in my last comment, most people are afraid to speak up….and the bad guys know that. We shall see what happens. 
            Thanks again,
            Aubrey Jenkins

      • Hi Andy,
        Debt Relief Legally means exactly that. Relief from the state of owing something, or of being under an obligation, by means of processes permitted by the law. Debt Relief Legally is not a Debt Settlement company, we are a Debt Relief company. That means if someone does not need debt settlement we will not shove them into a performance or attorney settlement model. We will instead offer them an alternative option of credit counseling or debt management. If they are too far beyond a debt settlement program giving them any relief then we put them in a bankruptcy. If they are a client fit for a debt settlement program we determine if they are better off working with an attorney in their area or if going into a performance model is going to be their best avenue. I see that your company offers a performance debt settlement model and that is great. What do you do with your clients who have received a summons already when they come to you and need legal support, do not benefit from a debt settlement program but need bankruptcy instead, or who do not even need a debt settlement program but in fact are more fit for credit counseling or debt management? Also, do you have options for clients who have tax liens they could be alleviated from? or perhaps need help with their home loan? These are all unfortunate issues our clients face these days and they need our help. They do not need someone to shove them into a program because it is the only program they offer, they need someone to look into their situation in depth and steer them in the right direction for the relief they need. Please give me a call if you’d like. I’d love to talk Andy. Have a great day. 

        Aubrey Jenkins

        • Hi Aubrey, thanks for the response. I agree totally with everything you said, consumers need options, and they need to be able to weigh those options objectively… good stuff.

          I’m not exactly sure you answered my question though, I’ll try to rephrase….

          Are the fees being withheld and in dispute considered advance fees from clients enrolled in DS after 10/27/10? 

          Not trying to be a pain, I’m actually kind of fascinated with the topic, but I’m just trying to put it into context.

          • Oh gotcha, sometimes things are lost in translation on these forums. The fees being withheld are from clients submitted before Oct 27, 2010. In fact, our last client submitted to JAR/LNOA was on Oct 26, 2010. Wish I could tell you more but am being forced to hold my silence, Andy. It’s a shame I know. 
            Aubrey Jenkins

  3. You know what the funniest part about this is? HOW THE HELL DOES A DEBT BACK END PROVIDER ALLOW ONE OF THEIR OWN AFFILIATES TO GET SO PISSED OFF without putting the fire out? And then, miraculously, when it get’s to Steve’s website, its libelous, actionable, malicious, yadda yadda yadda. 

    If the company cared so much about their reputation, why wouldn’t they put the fire out and fix the issue before the attorneys get involved. Or, better yet, God forbid.. Before Steve Rhode gets involved. What a crock…  

    800lb glowing gold elephant: why are you guys trying to shut Aubrey up now? Why didn’t you address her concerns before she went to social blogs that you seem obviously seem to be so intimidated of…

  4. I am curious as to whether they are actually going to respond to the complaint in this matter. I understand that they are unhappy about the “words” Aubrey used but threatening legal action to quiet her complaint doesn’t resolve the issue at hand. What is actually going on behind the scenes with this firm? Just curious if their apparent threats against this small firm to quiet them would pale in comparison with a full FTC investigation into this company (or network of actors). The funny thing about the FTC is that they also get involved with business to business transactions and do in fact regulate those practices as well. Are there consumers being harmed behind this facade, if in fact it is one? I would like to see this company answer the complaint. Can you get to the bottom of this and expose this in case it is an ongoing scam, Mr. Rhode? You might uncover something ugly that needs to be reported…

    • Here is the best way I think we as a community can approach this situation. First, if anyone has any insight or information to share that might be relevant or beneficial it would be helpful for people to comment.

      Second, I think this is going to be one of those stories that winds up telling itself. Aubrey and representatives from JAR Marketing are both welcome to share information regarding this matter in the light of day.

      As events and communications unfold I think we will learn more and see more so that the readers of the site, including regulators, can see what is going on.

      The failure of JAR Marketing to answer the issues will become a bigger factor as this progresses. I welcome and invite them to give me a statement to publish and engage in a public dialogue to let us all know what their side of the story is.


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