How Long Will it Take to Get Good Credit After Bankruptcy? – Amy

“Dear Lewis,

My husband and I filed bankruptcy chapter 7 in Dec. 2010 and it was discharged in march 2011. I have previously worked as a bank teller before we moved states( which caused our bankruptcy because we couldn’t sell our house). I have had 2 great interviews for bank teller but my credit report denies me a job.

How long will it take for a job to get a better score or outlook for me?


Dear Amy,

What is the issue on the credit report? Simply the bankruptcy notation? Your score simply too low?

Or is it that some of the discharged creditors are reporting your debts improperly?

I need more information to be able to determine why your credit report may be inaccurate.


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  1. like everything else in life, bankruptcy has its advantages and disadvantages.  The obvious advantage is that it is the only legal way to discharge debt if  a debt situation gets out of hand or hopeless-with bankruptcy, you have the courts to back you up.  yes, you can rebuild your credit after bankruptcy, but only to a point, which gets into the major disadvantages of bankruptcy. In order to have your debts discharged, you should be ready to be “punished” for up to 10 years after filing. Yes, within a year, you can have credit cards and within a few years get great interest rates on loans, but unfortunatly, bankruptcy is most often looked at as a balck and white issue – to many creditors and employers, it does not matter if your bankruptcy was due to sickness, job/income loss or divorce – to them that black and white way of looking at it tells them that you went bankrupt – your were irresponsible with your debts- period. you can build your credit score to a respectable level, but will, for 10 years have the bankruptcy itself pulling down that score so it will not be “excellent” . you will be able to get capital one and HSBC type of credit, but probably not the better Chase, BofA, discover, Citibank etc. type of credit, but the most unfortunate “punishement” will be that many employers – especially those who require their emplyees to handle cash such as banks, credit unions, retail and check cashing places have firm policies in place to not hire anyone who has a present bankruptcy on their record. It is reality and you have to accept it if you file for bankruptcy. Like I said, you have the courts behind you, but you need to be prepared for some “punishement” for quite some time after you file.


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