New Mark Guimond Book Out. Billion Dollar Chump Change.

For those of you that may know Mark Guimond, the guy from the old AADMO days, you’d know he’s one person that knows his way around Washington.

Guimond has just released a new book titled “Billion Dollar Chump Change” in an effort to easily identify budget cuts that could be made for common-sense fiscal reductions that can save up to $27.32 billion annually. Actually, that’s not chump change to me!

You’ve got to give Mark a pat on the back for caring enough about this subject to write this new book on this issue.

For those that care about how Washington, DC works and want to get actively involved in encouraging your legislators to take action to reduce the fedeal budget, you may just get a tremendous amount out of this new book.

See the Billion Dollar Chump Change website to get your hands on a copy.

Who knows, maybe Guimond can get Washington onto a debt reduction plan to get their debt under better control. Every little bit helps I guess.


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