My Accounts Are in Collections and One is Suing Me. – Donna

“Dear Mitch,

have been unable to pay on cc debt for approx 12-13months due to family crisis and work loss combined with rising costs just to buy groceries and pay essentials(electric, etc.). At this point most are in collections, one is actually suing me. My medical bills take up a big chunk of my money and I dont know what I should do.

BTW-I have not spoken with any of them since I last paid due to embarassment and stupidity I guess.

Have you dealt with anything like this before? Do I have any options? And if so what are they?


Dear Donna,

You situation is quite common so do not be embarrassed. Life happens. If you are being sued, respond to the complaint and make the debt collector prove that you owe the amount of money sued for and that they have the right to collect it. You may find a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that you can sue on (attorney fees are available if you win). As for the rest, when you get a collections letter, dispute it. Do not assume that you owe the amount or the people claiming that you owe.

If they keep coming, consult with a local bankruptcy attorney.

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