Supreme Adventures / James Coleman – Consumer Complaint – 11-9-2011

Date This Problem Happened: November 8, 2011

State You Live in: Washington

Race/Ethnicity: Other

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Supreme Adventures – James Coleman

Company Address:

1 Federal Plaza
New York, NY

Company Telephone Number: 440-709-6145

Website of Company: supreme adventures.com

Consumer Statement:

James Coleman had called from Supreme Adventures, saying I had won 2nd prize of $750,000. The company had sent me my notification 3 weeks ago of my winnings.

Supreme Adventures business address was located at 1 Federal Plaza New York NY.
He mentioned If I wanted a press gathering when I claim my prize or do it confidential and release the announcement later…. He mentioned his CEO and Chairman of the Company PREFER doing it confidentially so I would nt attract suspicous ppl ( talking about himself … I assumed.)

He asked I had 3 options to claim ..( He only mentioned 2 , though…)
1) Fly to Los Angeles LAX and be picked up by limousine and brought to the Hdqtrs
or 2) I would need to send $475 this morning and his representative would fly to my airport. He pronounced Seattle as “Settle” and what airport was near “Settle” ( what a dork… it s an easy thing to look up on a google search before calling me… ya know)

I told him I did nt have $475 –I dont have that much..anyway. He aasked If i had credit cards. Of course I do but cant use them either…. He then said he loan me the money in a separate account to pay them off and I can use the crdit cards to send him by western union for representative to fly in to “Settle” and provifde a limo to pick me up at my house and take me to my bank to deposit the “$750000 check into my account…… (where’s Vanna White these days ?..)… another too good to be true (perhaps) still ……

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Jam,es Coleman did call back at 4:30p today again and said he would call me in the morning… I do have the tel # on my phone….

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Consumer Action Taken:

NOt pursued..Just too good to be true …..

2nd prize winner $750,000 one of 10 emails drawn based on using my debit card .. ( he did have my info (address and last 4 # of the Card ) on my card though

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