Can I Be Sued for Encyclopedias I Bought 13 Years Ago? – Katie

“Dear Steve,

In 1996 or 1998 i purchased some encyclopeida from a sales man and at the time he quoted every one in our little town a price which was under 500.00 and then he talked us into them and then i had had to pay a down payment of 75.00 and the rest was in installedment when the invoice and books came they were alot higher then he had told us so i returned the books and returned the books because it was a money back if you did not agree they harrassed me over and over again saying they could not accept the books without a restocking fee mind you they had my 75.00 already but it was suppose to returned when i paid the restocking fee which i did. i never got my return and now 13 years later they has issued a garnishment againts my wages for 1400.00 for the books.

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I dont have that money to give them for something i dont have im a assistant teacher in mississippi andonly bring home 900.00 a month a dislocated worker husband that cant find work and two grandson who’s mother was killed by a drunk drive utility bill rent and food to try to buy every month and i cant afford nothing to be taking out of my check if i owed them but i dont owe them i check this company in 2001 or 2002 tring to get my refund and the number i called was not the same company they were out of business because people dont buy encyc. anymore and they tring to get something for nothing i check they company though the bbb they are not registed and they want us to send money to a p.o.box they dont have a physical address. and the court is stow municipal court in stow ohio 44224 and i cant not afford to go there i just dont have the money and i dont owe them they have gave me another hearing nov. 16 at 2:30 but i dont have the money to go there and i get paid on the end of the month and christmas coming up i cant afford to get anything taking out of my check. please help me!!!!!!!!!!

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can they sue me 13 years later what about the stat of limitations on cases.


Dear Katie,

It appears they may not be able to do this. I would advise you to consult with a consumer attorney in your state and you can find one through NACA.net.

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