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I Am a Single Mother Living in India and Want to Move to Dubai. – Anna

“Dear Steve,

I am a single, living wt my mum in India.My bf and I split up in dec last yr after finishing all my money. I have been tryin to find work for the last couple of months ( almost 10 months) however wasnt successful. Recently I found myself a job as a teacher in dubai and I want to take it up however I have a loan wt citibank and 2credit cards wt them and 2 other cards with ICICI and SBI all summing up to a debt of abt 2 lakh rupees. Recently my mum lent me 5 lakhs to preclose 2 other loans I had with Barclays and HSBC bank and now when I get this job I intend to pay her back her 5 lakhs and then pay the banks bt I cant tell her I have these other loans pending as it would upset her since she doesnt have the money to help me pay for them right now and she would feel helpless. I took these loans for a friend who cheated me and I have been paying for them for a couple of years. I have not paid my citibank loan of 75k rupees and my citibank credit c ards of 40K rupees and my SBI is abt 75k including all the interest and late payment fees. I am leaving for dubai on the 8th and I am afraid that I may get stopped at the airport and not allowed to go to dubai or maybe i would get caught in Dubai..its not like I dont want to pay the banks bt not jst now and right now they r unable to contact me however if I speak to them and tell them i will pay them later they wont understand and will start forcing me to pay atleast a small amt right nw and to be honest I dont have money to buy myself anything. I need your guidance and advice. Thankin u in anticipation!!


Dear Anna,

Were these loans taken out in India or were you previously in Dubai and the loans were taken out there?

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  • Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the response and sorry for the delay in reply however I have been busy.
    The loans were taken in India not Dubai.

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