I’m Being Sued for an Old Debt and Need Help Answering the Interrogatory Questions. – Rocio

“Dear Steve,

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I was sued for 5,900 by debt collectors representing a bank. I am set for trial and I have no information on how to present my own case.

I am being sued by debt collectors and they claim to represent the company that I owe. I am already set for trial within 30 days, but I still have not sent the interrogatory questions that they are asking for. I want help in how to fill the questions out because they are directly asking to admit that I do owe and that I owe the amount they say I owe. I need help in knowing what to respond.


Dear Rocio,

I’m sorry, I can’t provide you with legal advice. You need to consult with an attorney licensed in your state. You may want to see if your college (as determined by your email address) offers students any free help. I did a search of your school website and I see there are some lawyers on staff as faculty. Hunt one of them down and ask for help.

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