Global Client Solutions Class Action Suit in Illinois, Move to Federal Court

Yesterday a class action suit, Karen Manczak v. Global Client Solutions and Global Holdings was moved from State Court to Federal Court. The suit was originally filed in September, 2011. – Source

The suit alleges Global Client Solutions (“GCS”) is a debt settlement service provider and falls under the Illinois definition of “debt settlement provider” and “debt settlement services.”

The claim is made that the State of Washington action is applicable to Illinois as well since the statutes are similar and the Washington Supreme Court held that Global Client Solutions is a debt settlement provider under the Washington Debt Adjusting Act.

The complaint states that the Plaintiff had a GCS Special Purpose Account from September 2010 to August 2011. During that time GCS collected and paid fees of $1,582 out of $4,017 collected. In Illinois a debt settlement provider “shall not charge or receive from a consumer any enrollment fee, set up fee, up front fee of any kind, or any maintenance fee, except for a one-time enrollment fee of no more than $50.” – Source

This suit was filed by:

Kenneth DucDuong, Esq.
KMD Law Office
35 E. Wacker Drive
9th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601

Global Client Solutions is represented by Richard Epstein and Rebecca Bratter with Greenspoon Marder and Timothy Hudson of Tabet, DiVito & Rothstein.


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4 thoughts on “Global Client Solutions Class Action Suit in Illinois, Move to Federal Court”

  1. PS: So, Birnbaum gets paid to set them all up in their practices, then gets their money a second time by representing them in court? Oh, yeah and paid again as he takes exhorbitant fees from the companies with the AFCC as well? Oh, and of course gets paid again throughout and prior to their Bankruptcy filings when they can’t make it through like with ESP. Wow. How do you get that job? Like a McDonald’s straw (the big ones), just sucking the cash out of the industry

    • Not to mention that Robby is Plaintiff’s Counsel in ILL for LHDR basically suing ILL AG for pretty much the same thing DucDong is suing his client for here. Guess as an attorney he doesn’t have to take a stance?


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