A Collector is Chasing Me for An Old Account. I Already Filed Bankruptcy. – Shonaray

“Dear Mitch,

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In 2006, I co-signed on a loan for my sister. I really didn’t want to do it but it helped keep her out of jail. Needless to say, a debt collection agency is after me now to repay the loan. I filed bankruptcy in April of this year and it was discharged at the end of August. When I initially filed, the account showed it was closed on my credit report so I couldn’t add it to the bankruptcy.

Can they still go after me? What are my options out of this? If I give them my siters info, will they leave me alone?


Dear Shonaray,

You should have listed everyone that you owed when you filed your case. Your credit report just showed that the account was closed, but that did not forgive you of the debt. All is not lost, though. In many courts, the debt is discharged anyway as long as the case was Chapter 7 and no assets were distributed to creditors.

Send them the notice of your bankruptcy and a copy of the discharge. If they do not leave you alone, contact a bankruptcy law attorney in your area o reopen the case and add them or for possible litigation.

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