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Do NOT Use “Loan Compliance Advisory Group” in Wilmington DE

Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: July 15, 2011

State You Live in: Pennsylvania

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,200

Company Name: Loan Compliance Advisory Group

Company Address:

2207 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803

Company Telephone Number: 888-883-5224

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

I hired Loan Compliance Advisory Group in Wilmington DE, because we need to sell our house. The goal was to get the mortgage corp to reduce the principle owed enough that we could sell. Mr. Bisogno informed us our mortgage was illegal, and it could be reduced. He then took another large fee, and reported that our township paperwork had never been reported accurately. In the end, none of his claims were true, and the bank did not have to negotiate with us. He never admitted he had lost the various claims against the bank. He just quit contacted us with “updates”.

Consumer Action Taken:

Mr. Bisogno claims he did “work”, and does not give out any refunds. However; he did lie when he claimed that there were open “government case files” against our bank, and that the bank would have to negotiate. He did not work in good faith, and should not be in business. (Mr. Bisogno simply quit contacting us, when I researched the case files independent of him, and discovered they were closed.)


I have sent a letter to the company and directed them to this post to comment.

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  • Please contact me at lcagfraud at hot mail to discuss current actions against LCAG. You will not be asked for money, but you will receive valuable information for prosecuting Joe & Co.

    It’s amazing that Joe couldn’t make a trip to Virginia, since he lives in New Jersey. For more, please get in touch with us as soon as possible, we are only getting stronger, and we will hold Joe & Co. accountable. Thank you!

  • Please contact me at lcagfraud at hot mail to discuss possible actions against LCAG and the Bisognos. Our group is strong and growing! No money will be asked of you, and you will receive valuable information which will allow you to identify and locate the Bisognos of LCAG. We are pursuing them now! Please join us and hold them accountable!

  • Do No Use Joe…He is a fraud and liar…..Master of cheating, check his family history…Crooks he even has his daughter as part of the scammmm….great Dad

  • Thanks for posting the scam about Mr. Bisogno from Loan Compliance Advisory Group, LLC. I needed help with my mortgage from Home Savings Bank Predatory lending practices, and was in contact with Mr. Bisogno about my problem. He gave me really nothing to believe in with the work he would do for me in making my lender give me a better mortage payment after pulling myself out of foreclosure and having a remodification from the bank that was still pathetic. He sounded really good on the phone with him going through my mortage papers on the phone, sending him copies of it, so that he could file a complaint with FDIC, OCC etc. etc…. well.. I was leary with someone wanting money for their so called work, and not waiting until the bank complied with me after his threat tatics. So no money to Mr. Bisogno. Sorry, but this lady is smarter than the average Joe.. Joe!

  • I too have been scamed by Mr. Bisogno. It started with me also in July 2011, he claim he could help me save my Father’s house and I gave him a total of $ .When it was time to go to court, he said he wasn’t able to come with me because I lived in the state of VA. This company needs to be shut down. I didn’t get to save my Father’s house.

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