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I’m With Persels & Associates But Have Questions. – Sandy

“Dear Steve,

Two years ago, I was maintaining my credit cards and had excellent credit with them, then all of a sudden every single one of them raised their interest rates so high that if I paid anything on the cards themselves, I had no money left over for necessities.

I called each and every one of them to ask if they could reduce their interest rate, and each and every one of them (except for Capital One) never even paused a second before saying an absolute “no”.

Capital offered me a reduced rate of 1/10 of 1 percent. I then contacted Care One based on an advertisement on tv. After months of using that service and getting nothing but flack from my creditors (I have a stress-induced illness – I cannot handle stress!), I called CareOne and they suggested that I was using the wrong program and that the “credit reduction” (Persels & Associates) team was my way to go.

Since December 09′, Persels & Associates has been takin g $149 a month from my disability check to pay my bills. I just found out a few months ago, that they are taking $70 of that $149 for their $50 monthly charges and an additional $20 for their attorneys fees.

At this rate I will be paying them “FOREVER”. I want to join the current lawsuit against them, but am afraid of the creditors calls again if I do. So I get on-line to see if I can find out the attorneys names for Bronzich & Farris who have filed the law suit and up popped your name. So here I am. 🙂

1. Do you know how I can find out the attorneys names and how to contact them?
2. Do you know of a better way for me to deal with my remaining credit card balances, which is in the 1,000’s?


Dear Sandy,

You mentioned you are on disability and that’s an important fact. Besides your disability income do you have any other assets that creditors could go after?

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