I Live in North Carolina and Getting Sued for an Old Credit Card Debt. – Rosalind

“Dear Steve,

I have a bill with a credit card company it is with a collection agency. I live in North Carolina. I was paying on it. The credit card company is suing me for $636.00. I don’t have a job right now, but I’m still looking for one. They even sit the sherriff with papers about taking my propery. I don’t have any property for them to take. Can you give me any advice on what I should do?

Can you give any advice about how to stop them from taking property I don’t have?

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Dear Rosalind,

Sounds to me like you need a North Carolina lawyer to help you.

I’d suggest you contact:

Chris Livingston, Esq.
(Chris has been a major supporter of the site and a big help. He’s a great guy.)
2154 Dowd Dairy Road
White Oak NC 28399
Tel 910-866-4948

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