I’m Moving Out. Will I Still Be Obligated for the Rest of the Rent? – Ross

“Dear Steve,

I signed a lease to live in a house with 2 other roommates from Aug. 2011-Aug. 2012. One of my roommates is always late in paying his portion of the rent and we received a letter from the realty company saying we have until the end of the month to pay his portion or else we will be evicted. I’m moving out in Dec., I can’t live with these guys anymore.

My questions are:

1. If we’re evicted, do we still need to pay the rest of the rent money for the future months that we will not be living there?

2. What are the consequences if we are evicted? (bad credit, etc.)


Dear Ross,

If you signed a lease I suspect it was not just for your share of the rent but that you would be equally responsible for the rent due. I urge you to check with the realty company on this.

In that case you are individually responsible that the monthly rent payment is paid and not just for your share.

Moving out will not relieve you of your liability unless the owner has agreed to that in writing.

If you are evicted you can wind up in collections for the unpaid rent and potentially the remainder of the lease period if they can’t find a replacement tenant. You can even potentially be sued for the amount due as well.

A better course of action would be for you guys to consider booting out the roommate that’s not paying and find a replacement to take his place. Otherwise, this isn’t going to end well.

If you do decide to find a replacement roommate, be sure to do it with the approval of the rental company so there are no unfortunate surprises later.

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