Loan Compliance Advisory Group Says Someone is Pretending to be Them

I received the following statement from Joseph Bisogno at Loan Compliance Advisory Group and received his permission to publish it.


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My group is not a debt relief type company, however several of my clients that are Victims of Discriminatory, Deceptive, Predatory Lending and Unfair Deceptive Acts and Practices on residential mortgage loan transactions are also in debt with charge card companies etc. because they were placed into non-affordable loan programs.

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I am writing you because someone that identifies themselves as JB Hawley, PA (I know who these people are) posted a false statement on YELP about my company. I take pride in dealing with people fairly. I can provide you with documentation on this case that will show their statements are completely FALSE. I can also provide you the documentation they presented me to review once they contacted me. My group does not condone or do loan modifications and/ or short sales. I do have Federal Case numbers on this case and can provide them to you on regulatory agency letterhead. My reports documented misrepresentations that took place during the origination/closing process on this specific loan transactions. We never stated the loan was fraudulent as JB states in their false post.

If you have the time to read through our web site and also review the “Letter of Engagement” on our Forms page in web site, you will be able to follow our process.

JB told me they several realtors in her marketplace wanted to sell her home via a Short Sale. I told her that unless these realtors provided her and her husband a letter from the lender stating they would not be liable for a defiency balance now and in the future that a short sale would only benefit the realtor making a real estate commission and the new buyer acquiring their property at a discount. JB disagreed with me.

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I have done some research on you, Steve and my conclusion is your out there doing the right thing helping people get out of and reduce debt. I’m not sure if you ever heard of Attorney Neil Garfield from Arizona. Feel free to google his name, he has a great blog site and like you and me is involved in the fight of helping people on cases against banks/lenders, I have done lots of work with Mr. Garfield over the years

My group works with several Federal Law and State Licensed Attorneys nationwide that use our leverage reports against banks and lending groups that denied giving borrowers a loan they had the ability to repay. In most cases the mortgage loan originators inflated peoples income on uniform residential loan applications (form 1003) so they could get a loan approved and make commissions. You and I both know that loan originators are sales people and only make a commission if loan goes to settlement. The reason the income is misrepresented on the loan application is to get the loan passed during the underwriting review/ post closing process. This type of misrepresentation has caused homeowners nationwide to fall behind on mortgages (specifically Exploding Adjustable Rate Mortgage Programs)

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Thank You

Joseph Bisogno
Director of Operations
Loan Compliance Advisory Group

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  1. Joseph Bisogno and his crime family seem to have fallen off the radar, but I have no doubt that as much as they need money, they will resort to any end to get it, regardless of their inability to perform. Look for him under any of his aliases.


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