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Reader Reports Successful Refund From Reorganization Management Group

I received an email from a reader that wanted to share information about a company I’ve written about before, Reorganization Management Group.

Steve: I wanted to point out to you a recent settlement we did with RMG. We were able to get $7500 back from this company. They settle thru Global Client Solutions.

This organization took in about 15k from my client and settled several credit card accounts. However, the fees involved were out of site. They also allowed judgements to be entered against my client.

After several rounds with RMG’s attorney , we discovered among other things that they were not licensed in the State of NJ, were you have to be licensed and bonded to collect.

We finally had to threaten them with a class action lawsuit to bring them to the settlement table.

Then to add insult to injury, Global Client Solutions sends statements on an irregular basis and also deposit money into bank after bank leaving it difficult to trail. This Clients money ultimately ended up in a one branch bank in Illinois.

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